Testing/Collecting Dilemna


Feb 17, 1999
What to do?
Just prior to Jeff Hubbard announcing that Buck was discontinuing the Master Series, I had an order in place for one of the 110's in Master Series. My intentions were to include it in an upcoming folding hunter test, simply because I was very curious about BG42. At the time, this was just yet another purchase of yet another production knife. No big deal. (More on that particular purchase in the Good, Bad & Ugly Forum.)

Today, I took delivery of the promised Buck 110 Master Series. Now here's the dilemna: I got this thing simply to see what it was and to test it and possibly use/carry it. But my reasons for wanting to test it and report on it as another production option have now been totally obliviated by Buck's announcement that it's not even a valid choice anymore. So in other words, whether this knife is significantly better or worse than a standard Buck 110 as a user, is almost irrelevant, and pales to it's status as a collector knife.

Personally, I'm not a collector, merely a user and so that wouldn't much keep me from my original path except that it occurs to me that I may well be able to trade this for some other perfect user/now collectable like say a good BlackJack or such.

What do you all think? Test it and report? Or trade it and report?

I doubt that if BG42 is really any good that this is the last we'll see of that particular steel, but it might really be the last we'll see of this particular model. Hmmm.

If I were you I would either forget about testing that model or get another one and keep one for collector's value. Aren't there any other knives of BG42, or is that the only one at this time? I would retain one as a collector's item, though...
If I were you,I would say the heck with testing it because it won't be available anyway......and then you could sell it to me for $1
What if I were to throw a BG-42 110 in to be tested? I'd just like to get it back so I can eval it after the abuse. MPS gets to keeps his master series, and carry one to tear it up for ahwile. WE all get feedback on BG-42 real world.

I think its important to note, BG-42 is not dead at Buck. We are getting ready to ship the Chuck Buck Signiture series knife for 99 soon. BTW BG-42 is a beast to machine...
Master series probably won't come back, but specality steels probably will. (IMHO)

Let me know bout the test subject.


Jeff "Without data it's just another opinion" Hubbard
Personally I'd take Jeff up on his offer and beat up the borrowed BG-42 and keep the other 110 as a collector's piece. I think that 110 is an outstanding looking and functional knife. Since I found out that the Master Series has been discontinued I have no plans on using my 110, 532 or Squire again.


Mel -

I would have to think long and hard to come up with a reason NOT to take Jeff up on his offer. Gathering positive data on BG-42 could help convince the buyers (most of us) to buy more BG-42 blades from the makers (the rest of us) which would result in more makers making more BG-42 blades for the buyers to buy and ...

Gotta switch to decaf...

Things are more like they are today
than they have ever been before.

Jeff Hubbard, THANKYOU for such an intriguing offer. I'll contact you offline to hammer out details. Thankyou, Thankyou

Mel Sorg, hey guy, Whitebear thinks I'm you. I'm sure he didn't mean to insult you.

Jailhack, I'd be delighted to sell you my Buck Master Series 110 for the dollar of my choice. Not being a numismatist, the first one that springs to mind is a mint condition 1794 US Silver Dollar. Do you happen to have one laying about?