Testing the Busse & CS Trailmaster

Jan 25, 2000
I just read Mike's old test results from his comparison. I was quite surprised at the number of cuts it took to get both knives through a spruce 2x4. This is really my first time seeing numbers quoted and they seemed a little high. Over 100 chops to halve a 2x4?. Am I missing something here or is it really that hard to chop through a 2x4. The only knife I have that can compare to the Busse or CS in blade length or thickness is my dirt cheap Ontario 10" tanto. This blade is at a distinct disadvantage due to being much narrower in width (read: wedge-like), made of basic carbon steel (1095) and cost me only $35. So guess what I am going to do? I am going to whack 2x4's, test tip strength and maybe even try to break it in the vice. I know that this does not mean anything in the real world but what the hell, I'll give it a try and let those who actually care read the results. BTW, I once used this blade to clear back brush from both sides of a 1/4 mile camp road and estimate that I lopped off somewhere between 400-500 limbs and saplings. The knife was no worse for wear, but my hands were blistered and bleeding and I basically looked like the devil when I got back into camp. My brother-in-law drove by and told me he had a chainsaw in the back. I told him that it was just to noisy and not nearly as much fun!

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Go for it, Blademan! Let us know the results!

You are right Blademan, it doesn't take 100 wacks. I can go through 2X4's pretty quickly and with the khukuri's sometimes all that was needed was one wack.
I tried chopping through 2x4's with a Trail Master. I quit after 50 whacks. If I persisted for about 10-15 more I might have finished the task. I had the 2x4 in a vise and did not flip it over. The number of chops would have been reduced by a lot if I had chopped on the other side as well. I would not have had to open as large a V to prevent the blade from binding.

Looking forward to what you find.

As Cobalt alludes to, this is work better suited for a khukuri. It only take around 15-20 with a CS Gurkha or 15" H.I. Ang Khola under the same conditions.


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I have a big John Fitch bowie with 10" clay hardened 5160 blade that I used to chop a 2x4 once. I dont recall how many chops it took, but it wasnt any where near 10-20. I do remember that on the first chop, the blade sunk in so deep, I had to step on the board and pry to get the knife out. I also have one of the original Cold Steel ATC Kukris, and it will go through a board in no time.

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