texas knife law

guy g

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Oct 22, 2000
I was told the other day that Texas considers a knife of over 5.5 inches as an "illegal knife". I checked this out and found it is true.The basic exceptions are 'travelling' 'hunting activties' and onduty law officers.
That means my 119 is illegal to carry and leaves an officer a lot of room to interpret and confiscate eventhough I travel thru.
Just FYI, guy g, you can find the Texas law regarding knives HERE

I made it a point to print out a copy of it to carry in my wallet, just in case I run into a LEO with a big head. I'm sure that my Spyderco Military could raise some questions that I don't want to be hassled with. :grumpy: I don't think that you'd get much heat if you know the actual law better than they do: sometimes it could backfire and they would see you as a smarta**, or they could be impressed and just let you on your merry way. You just need to decide which would be the best way to handle it. ;)

Hope this helps...

P.S.--Forgive my ignorance, but what's a 119? According to 46.02, you're alright as long as the blade length isn't longer than 5.5 inches.