TGA2SE Blued Bruiser

May 24, 2017
I'm all done with my TGA2 project. Some may remember the pics of logo etching with a battery charger way back. I pulled the slabs and stripped it which revealed some gremlins and typical surface grinder marks. I can't count the hours I spent with diamond hones and various other stones working the marks out. The real work was the saber grind, lots of small marks in there that just seemed to last forever but it's pretty hard stuff and just takes time. Once I was happy with that point I finished it further with Scotchbrite belts giving it what I'd call almost a satin finish. This is where I discovered just how magical these belts were, so glad I gave them a try, I'm hooked forever! they gave me what I was looking with little effort.
I wasn't trying for glass so there's scratches in it but so far from where it began it's kind of night and day. I used 2 different things for blueing - first was "Black Magic" and it's amazing stuff. I did many apps with that, with 0000 steel wool burnishing in between. I was getting really good color, nice and deep. Then I switched to "Phospho" paste. Then I started getting a blue-black sheen. I did many more apps to a point of diminishing return so steel wooled it out to a nice smooth consistent color. Then I oiled it up and buffed it with an oil buff and called it a wrap. Put the handles on this afternoon and finally said "done with you sucker!" :D
after a few minutes on the EP using the stock angles, she's a paper slicer. I may lay the edge back some but for now, I'm kind of tired of working on it HAHA! She can sleep a while in her cool pants from DB ;) ~

BluedTGSEA2 bruiser.jpg
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Good stuff, man! I love me some blued Busse/Kin. I stripped & blued one of my Ratweilers and I think it is the best looking blade I own.
Wow !! That is nice ! Great job there
Thanks Man !! I have said before the A2 is a beast.

Keep us updated on patina/rust if any !

Thanks for the comps! means a lot coming from you folks.
Yea, this A2 is a beast! and I really like the M-A2 a lot too, one of my top favs - These were my first TG's so they hold a special place - It's a night and day difference in the hand with the Forsaken Gemini and I can't help to think that if I'm chopping on something, I'd prefer the extra weight of the A2.
Something I've found interesting is comparing this to the Batac BG I did with the hot vinegar process. The Batac is certainly blacker where this job came out with that nice blue/black look of say a shotgun barrel. Some weird stuff happened on the surface of the steel with that Batac job I don't quite get. It got some blotchy areas that almost look like pitted areas that don't make any sense. BTW, that has held up really nicely - It's been in my shop since I did it where I use it like the typical screwdriver - as a pry bar, chisel, axe, scribe, hammer and cutter of everything needing cut -might I say, I'm blown away by the edge retention of the SR101- hasn't been sharpened since the initial job and will still slice paper- I've never had a knife hold up like this, never even close so I see the actual results of all the praise, it's real ;). the Batac been covered in moisture, extreme hot and cold and looks like the day I finished it. Can't say I've kept it oiled, clean or comfy LOL! So as far as corrosion resistance? Pretty happy with the job
Did you use a press to take the handles on and off? I read a few years back what press/dye was needed and wanted to buy the kit to do all of mine. Somehow I lost the page and never got around to getting one.
Did you use a press to take the handles on and off? I read a few years back what press/dye was needed and wanted to buy the kit to do all of mine. Somehow I lost the page and never got around to getting one.
You drill them out to take off, then yes, a press with flaring dies. It's a pretty simple job. The trick is cutting tubes to the right length but if you don't like it, drill it out and try again. That was the biggest learning curve along with trying different tubing wall thickness. With the few things you need it's a cake job.