Thai E-Nep (pict)

Sep 12, 2000
This scan was done by DeathDancer aka Rene.
The blade is also belong to him.

Pict here.
Thanks Santi!!!!

I am thinking Santi didn't know whether he could post the pic here or not and to save going there thought I would bring the pic up.
It's sure worth a look at the others
I had written Santi about getting one of these once and then forgot about the E-Nep. Looks like Rene followed through.

Still short on funds as the credit union now requires more of a balance to not be penalized.

Dayumed burocrats anyway!!!

This one is called E-Nep
OAL 19" = blade 12" + bolater 1" + handle 6"


Like it?

Another of three popular blades here.


Indin word for lousy hunter.
Oh, yes it works.

Lot of local hunters carry one in the small of back in the home-made rattan sheath.

Could be useful as all round camp knife too, I guess.
Elegant blade.
I can't see so well on the pix- the stripes perpendicular to the blade spine, are they decorative or a remnant of the material the blade was forged from? And is it steel-mounted?
I asked Rene the same question last week about the lines in the blade. He said they were forged in.

Glad to serve....Dan
As for that line:- I think this blade is a stock removal using the leaf spring of an old pickup truck and then some home-made heat treat. (Dipping in cold water or oil.)

Hope this help.

Yes, I followed through, and actually bought 4 knives from Santi. Anyone wanting pictures of them, please email me at: Santi spent quite a bit of time arranging and purchasing, and the pictures show some interesting approaches to construction. The colors present in the blade are forgings/scale left from the heating.

I certainly am enjoying the blades from Thailand, especially the E-Nep.

Watakushi Wa Shinajin Desu

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Bill Martino:- All you best have already sent to all your Thai pals, as requested.

DeathDancer:- I'm glad you like it.
I like the knife and the scabbard is giving me ideas. If it wasnt for my other 20 projects I would try one to rig to my pack when I go camping.:D