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Thank You Bayou Lafourche!

Aug 12, 1999
The UPS Lady came to my door a few minutes ago and gave me a package. I was not expecting anything so I was puzzled for a moment. I grew more puzzled as I saw the return address on the package, Santa Claus. West Monroe LA . What the hell? I open the package and as I do so I find..... A NEW LARGE SEBENZA!!!! Now it comes back to me. I entered the drawing weeks ago here on BF and forgot about it. What a stunning, and I do mean stunning surprise. I want to thank Roger and the folks at BAYOU LAFOURCHE for this wonderful Christmas present, which was made all that much more wonderful by the unexpected nature of it's arrival. Wow.... more later when I regain my senses. Doc out.
Well.... I took off early from work so 'I' could be home for UPS but looks like I get to be the first to congratulate you.
Congrats Doc! Quite a prize! Thanks to Bayou Lafourche for the drawing and offering of a beautiful knife!

Happy Holidays everyone,
Wow, I can hardly think of a nicer moment for
a fellow "knut" ... congratulations.

Wow! Congratulations! Roger is such a great person for offering such a wonderful prize. And he runs a truly outstanding knife business. Talk about a guy with the Christmas Spirit!


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
Congrats Doc on the new Gift! I saw UPS pull in my office this morning and I about damn near had a heart attack. Unfortunately they were just turning around!

Thanks Roger for the contest!

How fast you want to go depends on how much money you have to spend.
...sorry, sorry, totally my fault. I was going to tie into some sophomoric forumite because I thought the thread was "Thank you Gordi LaForge..."--OKG
Congrats, Doc!!!

I also want to thank Roger for his generosity!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays
This Sebie is a bit different from the one I purchased in April of this year. My "Christmas present" has a more rounded and defined area scalloped out of the scales for better access to the thumb stud. It also has the word "Classic" and the Roman numerals MM (denoting 2000) engraved in the scales on the opposite side of the CR logo. The blade is slightly different in shape also,hard to describe, but the blade is thinner, or "shorter" from edge to spine as it nears the point.Really nice. Thanks again to Roger and Bayou Lafourche for a swell Knife.
Congrats Doc!!!!!!

Roger struck again........Another forumite is now having to be rushed to the hospital due to chest pain & having to udergo emergency removal surgery of a painfully permanent grin.

--The Raptor--

Roger, Thanks for the chance at the sebenza.
I actually spotted a UPS truck in town and comptemplated following him to see if he was headed to my house.LOL

Congrats Doc Mac