THANK YOU: Free (used) files for knife making

Apr 17, 2015
A friend of mine was throwing some old files, rasps and power hacksaw blades away, so I "rescued" them. I'm primarily using stainless, so these are of no real use to me. I have heard that some people like to use them, though. :)

First "I want them" get them. Please also PM me your shipping address. I will even cover the shipping.

I want to take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone on this forum.

To the Professional Level makers and Industry Professionals that share their hard earned wisdom here, thank you. Your willingness to respond to posts with your experiences, share your knowledge, and especially your ongoing patience make this a place of real learning. You inspire me in so many ways.

To the Hobby Makers, (many near or at the professional level themselves), thank you. Your willingness to ask the questions that I wish I had thought of, and your sharing of your learning journey keep it real and keep me learning. You keep me motivated.

To the newly converted and the New Makers, thank you. Your enthusiasm and passion are a vital part of what keep this incredible resource a going concern. Many of you will be the at the next level incredibly soon, and then YOU will be the experienced ones answering the questions and carrying the torch. You are the future. In the meantime, you help keep the basics fresh for me. You keep me energized.

Michael Drinkwine

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