"Thank You" To Darrel Ralph!


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Oct 2, 1998
I just want to publicly thank Mr. Darrel Ralph for some great service. I have one of the very first Mad Maxes. It had a couple of problems that warranted sending it back to Darrel. He warned me it would be awhile before he could even look at it. Well, I received it back in a reasonable amount of time, (especially considering how busy he is), and the problems were corrected. Thank you Darrel and that wonderful knife is back where it's supposed to be, in my pocket!
I will join in here with the BIG thanks to Darrel also...same thing for me I have one of his first ones and my lock seemed to easy to close for me...so I called Darrel and he said send it in, I found out I was going to the Oregon Knife show and wanted to be able to take The Max to show it around to some who may not have seen one...so I asked Darrel if it was possible , could he get my knife back to me in time for the show..His reply..I will see what I can do...next day I had a message that knife was on its way..and it arrived perfect...he had made the lock just as I requested...He has got to be a super busy man with all his projects going..( i have one of his 7" blades on order)

So thank you Darrel again for the great service and Knife!!!!!

Hey Gene.....were practically neighbors! wonder if any other Mad Maxes are in Northern Cal?

as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another....Pr.27:17
David Buhrer
Hello my Norcal friend. We had the exact opposite problems with our Mad Maxes. Mine was getting so bad, it sometimes took BOTH hands to unlock. Darrel made it perfect for me. Easy to unlock now and lockup is still rock solid. I have read in posts that a lot of folks want a "harder to unlock" Mad Max. Not me brother. It's as important to me to be able to unlock it as fast as I can open it and especially if I need to put it away quickly because of "sheeple". I am trying to decide if I want to order a "giant" Mad Max because my "regular" MM is so nice and a "giant" version would be so nice! You are so correct in that I don't know how Darrel does what he does. He must be hiding it from us and he is one of triplets! I know I could look it up but I have never heard of Windsor. Where about's is it? Again, thank you Darrel!