Thank You!

Kai Corp.

May 21, 2013
Huge thanks to Kevin and the entire Mod team. We wish you all only the best.

To the members here, we also thank you for your participation and support though the years. Despite dropping our sub-forum today, know we will be working hard to bring you the next generation on Kershaw, Zero Tolerance, and Shun products for tomorrow.

Thank you all very much.

Kai Corp
On behalf of sticktodrum Productions, thank you all very, very much. You guys rock.
Thanks a bunch. Appreciate all the work you folks did here. Hate to see you go.
Thanks so much for being here while you were. This forum and all of it's members helped get me through almost a year of being out of work. Very sad to see it go away, but I will certainly continue to buy what I can afford (or maybe a bit more)!
I hope you guys know you'll all be missed! See you at blade 2014 gals and gents of KAI. :cool:
oh, and I just bought my wife a set of Kai kitchen knives this week...

she loves them...

of course...
Happy trails to you. Life goes on!I wish everyone a Kai a lifetime of happiness......
Thank you Kai !

Best regards,
Was more sorry to see Thomas go, can't say this wasn't next in the natural progression

Hope you'll still be receptive to the communities criticisms/praises
Thanks for everything. I hope you guys find this was a mistake and come back soon. I will miss this forum.
Really hate to see you go. Thanks for the good run. I wasn't over here all that much, but it was fun when I posted.

PS. Please PM me for my address. Do I get to pick out my free knife, or will you choose for me? Moose said I should get to pick. :D