thanks and a new knife

Jan 9, 1999
Well a thanks to all at BM for getting on my Axis problem so quick. Travis you da'man.
Also a CSR whose name I can't remember which is typical of my brain lately. Anyways after putting the knife across the crock sticks it is now hair poppin. I guess I can't use my Lansky on it after all. The blade that was on there tested fine for hardness, and it was explained to me that the knives are free hand sharpened hence the different degress of cantle on the edge. Anyways thanks. Hate to say it though but I still like my C16 better.
On that note I am about to take delivery on a custom made belt knife circa 1780--1820 for my newly acquired muzzleloading hobby. It was made by Dennis Miles of Double edge forge in New Madison Ohio. He sent me pics of if it and it looks great. It is 10.5" long with a 5.25" blade with a very slight drop point.
Beautiful scales of premium walnut sealed with pine pitch bees wax and something else that I can't remember off hand. He forged it from a used file. Tempered it in hog lard along the cutting edge, and then drew the back of it back by heating up a piece of iron red hot and then laying the spine of the knife across it and then watching the different shades of blue for the right draw back. Hey it looks like what they would use back then and is historically correct. Oh yea it has a slight drop tang on it for the last two fingers to hook around. He also makes custom tomahawks, historically accurate, and pole and belt axes the same way. His site is great. Well the best part is not only is this knife historically correct, razor sharp,(according to him) but he made it over the weekend and the price is 75 shipped, with priority mail. His hawks and belt axes start at around 120 bucks he said. He has a camp knife that looks great still listed on his site for well pretty darn cheap. Now if I can only sell my Axis... any takers? Au re voir mes amis....and watch yer top knot
Again his sight is