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Thanks from New York


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Oct 5, 1998
Well I just got back from singing at Carnegie hall on Sun. last night. It was a great trip. Just wanted to thank all of you for the support and advice. An interesting side note: when going up the Empire State Building security is tight and there are metal detectors and signs clearly saying no knive or guns. They did however let my BM Mini-Stryker SBT go up with me. I considered hiding it in a friends purse but after noticing their fairly close monitoring simply got the attention of the operator of the metal detector and promptly and as politely as possible explained to her that I had forgotten to leave my knife at the hotel, while displaying it to her in an open flat hand with the knife closed. After she looked at it and asked me how to open it she made me promise to leave it in my pocket and let me head on up. Thanks again and I was glad I had it although I'm 6'2" and 230lbs its nice to have a little back up insurance just in case things get extremely hairy. Yes i was confronted by a crazed homeless drunk guy with what looked like a weapon in his pocket but by keeping calm and acting like nothing unordinary was happening I got him to leave myself and the girls that I was with alone. Thanks,