Thanks, James Mattis


Oct 29, 1998
Just wanted to let others know what a pleasant guy James is. As I told him on the phone, I have been following him on the various forums since '96. Yesterday I spoke with him for the first time in person. I ordered a William Henry folder that I've had my eye on for a while. James took the time to patiently answer all me questions and then we just chatted for a few minutes. I've always appreciated James' "voice of sanity" in his posts on the forums. I understand why Mike selected him for moderator. I know others have spoken well of him. Just thought I would share.

Looking forward to that Henry.

All best,
I haven't ever spoken to James over the phone, but in the past have had some email contact with him. It's been awhile, though. I must say that James Mattis has been a good moderator over this forum ... very few get deleted which tells me he must have it under control. I won't forget you either Spark for your small part

The forum is not really "under control" because I think James' good nature, tactful philosphy, and sincerity, as seen in his posts, rarely ever allow things to get out of control in the first place.

I haven't had the pleasure of any personal contact with James yet, but if the honesty and integrity I see in public here is any indication, I truly look forward to meeting the gentleman by phone or e-mail very soon, a couple of things over at Chai are starting to call my name. I mean, heck, I haven't bought a knife in over a month!

Don LeHue

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I spoke with James at the Pasadena knife show back in Feb. He was a nice guy and had some cool toys at his Chai Cutlery table. A friend bought an Axis lock from him for the lowest price at the show!
Hi All,
I haven't spoken with James in person either, but has on mIRC, and he is quite a fellow, very knowledgable and just an all around pleasant guy to have a conversation with.

I have known James for, I guess about 2 years. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Guild show in Las Vegas. I did not have a lot of time as I was talking to Allen Elishewitz and Les De Asis. I must say in all the posts I have ever seen, I have never met someone who can bring order to chaos or put subject into perspective as well as James.

When I started this forum he was the only choice I had in mind for this forum.

I have no regrets!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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I've had the pleasure of talking with James over the phone on several occassions. He's a super guy. Pleasant, funny, and doesn't take himself too seriously.

I've also ordered from him on several occassions. In each of my dealings with him, I've known exactly what condition my knives would arrive in. He personally inspects each knife before shipping. He checks things such as liner lock-up, grind lines, blade play, etc... If James says that a knife is OK, then it is. In other words, I trust him - and that's no small feat.

His prices are usually competetive with other Net dealers. And if you ask, he'll include a check made out to the charity of your choice in the amount of 10% of your total purchase (for purchases over $50 I believe). He even includes an addressed envelope so all you have to do is drop it in the mail.


Deo Vindice

Let me get in on this! I've ordered 2 knives over the phone from James (after 1st exchanging e-mails). Both transactions were pleasant and informative. I feel you are getting what you "see" from him, in itself a pleasure. Hope to see you in Atlanta Jim. :)

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