Thanks re: sharpening help

Jul 2, 1999
Thanks for all the info. I think I will try to find a razors edge kit localy. It sounds like That will help me most to get back to a good edge. I willprobably go ahead and pick up a cheap knife or two to practice fre-hand on.

thanks again!!!

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-C. Papazian
The HUGE advantage of Razor Edge is that you use the exact same movements as you would freehand. It does get worked into muscle memory. After using the Razor Edge clamps for a few months, I was magically able to start getting acceptable results freehand.

Whatever you do, make sure you GET THEIR VIDEO! The book too.

Ignored again. Good thing I can handle rejection.


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The Ratster is right, it's very convenient to learn freehand skills, eventually. But again, the Razor Edge system is a great way to learn freehand sharpening.