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Discussion in 'Spyderco' started by Dabakr, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Dabakr


    Mar 7, 2013
    I expected.

    After joining in a flurry of knife research and 25-30 years of owning dozens of <$40(mostly <$13) edc's I decided on Spyderco and/or BM. I spent time on both and still have yet to discover the BM that will thrill me. But along the way I got the Ambitious and the Persistence. I have to say these 'value' blades are a BRILLIANT idea to suck in us professional (woodworker, designer) cheapskates and the faint-of-heart when it comes to +$90 edc blades! So thank you Sal (who I never would have known you had I not come here)

    And as for the Persistence over the Ambitious? I ended up preferring the Ambitious for two reasons. They are definitely both EQUAL in quality, blade, f&f and usefulness but I just prefer the smaller size of the Ambitious. My favorite all-time edc even edging out my 10yr old Leek. (oo, sorry K). Also-the Ambitious is actually a .75 to 1.0mm thicker then the persistence and I like this. (I measured-so I know. Don't know if this is a constant or the g-10 varies? But I like chunky little fat edc's) My only quandary is I obsessed over having the blue-which I love-but its the Persistance and its a bit redundant to have them both. I have a huge vintage watch collection and not sure I should deal with multiple designed edc's Ideally-its a pain-but I SHOULD sell the basically pristine blue Persistance and the Ambitous and buy a blue Ambitious to go with....Ta Da:

    My FIRST higher-end EDC carry. The first lade I ever spent more then $100 on (except for some expensive Swiss and japanese chisels for my shop) The Yojimbo2.
    Less then 2 seconds out of the box and I can already feel the difference. Better g-10 texture. Beautiful weight distribution and F&F is perfect for what I expected. So--exceeds my expectations on pretty much all counts. I may never like having to spend more then $50 on an edc but since this is what I have to do to habdle the quality-I am very happy I picked this particular blade. the odd shape and design is EXACTLY what I wanted and can UTILIZE in my every day use. Perfect for straight-line cutting. Perfect for a semi-chisel. Perfect for gouging (this point is frikkin sharp and STRONG!...not thin like it look in some pics).

    The compression lock is also exceeding what I wanted. I wanted something different then a lockback, framelock, liner, etc. And this delivers. I just press the tab and the blade falls closed. In fact-on my first try the blade dropped and locked closed. It is a little dangerous though and takes some getting use to I think.

    Blade FLIES out-which wasn't my experience when I first got the Ambitious and persistence (though both of them are fine now) and blade quality is just so....well I am sure most of you know.

    So-I am happy I was "underwhelmed" by the other brand (for those that remember my thread last week) And not because I don't like that brand but I just didnt see the design I liked in the material I wanted. I am also SO SO glad I didn't cabe in to my cheap side and get either the Sage3 or especially the Manix2. And again-NOT becuase these blades arent fine. Its because I have the leaf blade in the Amb. And Pers. I wanted something different and I got it. So good for me. And if this helps anybody here who's trying to decide-I hope this helps. And now-on the watch forum Omega WUS they say-"if there are no pictures you don't own it!" So:

    and of course. its almost obligatory, yes? (and this is not the ONLY one. ouch!)

    again--thanks to all the members that helped me make the decisions I made. I was NOT steered incorrectly at all by ANYBODY The Manix2/Sage3 was great advice for what I wrote because I thought I'd have to pay over $150 for the Y2 and wanted to step up first to the +$75 and then maybe this summer go $150. Then I found a place who sells it and had it in stock for $119 and I just HAD to jump and split the difference since I was leaning towards the $90 sage3 anyhoo.

    signed , happy spyderco dabkr
  2. inkynate


    Sep 4, 2010
    Nice post! I thought the Yojimbo was really fugly when I first saw it but it is growing on me. No new knives for me though at the moment. Like you I tested the waters with a blue Persistence. I now also have a Chaparral, a PM2, & a left hand Military. They are all awesome.

    Trying to stay away from watch purchases too, btw. I have a vintage Longines automatic that has been on my wrist daily for about four years now. Been itching for an Omega for a while...
  3. zl1


    Nov 24, 2012
    Congrats! The Yojimbo 2 is really fun
    I've been enjoying mine a lot :D
    Only thing I've done to it is sanded down the grip a little though. That thing hurts!
  4. Reignman


    Oct 18, 2012

    Glad you're digging it man!
  5. Jay_Ev


    Oct 3, 2007
    Nice knife :)
  6. BladeChick777


    Jun 20, 2011
    Congratulations and I'm happy you found something that you're pleased with.
    We really need to test the waters sometimes to find what we're looking for.
    No shame in being underwhelmed by a certain brand.

    I have had that feeling where I look at knives and read about them and then I'm like "This is it?", I'm sure we all have.
    Then I've had that feeling of being overwhelmed like "OMGTHISISTHEBESTEVER!" Lol.

    Nice write up as well.
    It won't be your last Spyderco, I promise lol.
    I've just recently let go of several Spyders in trades, but still love them lots.

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