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Oct 1, 1999
I’ve been going through a little bit of a knife drought lately. I’m sure everyone but Blues has been through it at one time or another. I have some custom knives on order, just no idea when they’re coming?

I’m on Chat the other night and TomW, out of the blue says, “I’ve got a knife for you.” I said, “Great, thanks, how come?” So he says, “I think it will look nice in your collection.”
Pretty darn cool huh?

The knife came today and it is a little beauty. It’s a “Gents knife” with a 2” random pattern (blue & gold) blade, with a lightly anodized frame, pearl inlays, file worked liners and spacer. Tom said the knife was made by Ron Nott and it’s a bolster lock (I hope that’s the right term?) He also said there was some blade play and had no idea what it was worth? Considering that I’m all set for users I told him that wouldn’t be a problem, and that I consider all gifts of knives to be priceless. The only real problem I have with the knife is that I can’t get a decent scan of it.

This is the first knife I received from Tom, but it’s not the first time he’s given me a gift. He’s been very generous with the great pouches he makes. In fact after he saw my OGG Bowie he asked if he could make a case for it?

I never win knives here at BFC, but for some strange reason I get a lot of knives given to me? Even my friends that bust my chops over getting free knives, send me knives. Go figure? Tom even asked me last night why do people seem to like me and want to send me knives? I don’t have a clue?

Don’t get me wrong I do spend money on knives. I do graphic work for several makers in exchange for knives (see my Signature line below). I’ve given away far more knives than I currently own, and I don’t beg or try to mooch knives from people, but if someone says, “Phil do you want a knife?” Well, I’m just a boy that can’t say NO.

Tom I hope this doesn’t embarrass you, but I just wanted to say thanks to you and all of my friends here.

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Hey Phil. We like you because you have been around a while (i.e., you are old), you have been labelled "the stag guy" because of your collection, thereby making you an authority (yup!), you are generous with your knowledge, your pics kick butt AND you can dish it out almost as good as Timmy on Chat.

Good job Tom, ya generous bastid!

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As much as I tried I couldn't get a decent scan of this knife. So, what I did was just to paint in the colors I saw in the knife, and there is a whole lot of color. Of course this doesn't do it justice, but Tom took a look and said it was pretty close.

Hey Phil...

Great looking knife...

Sounds like something Tom would do..



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Hey Phil the only reason we all are so nice to you and give you things is to keep you around. You are such a looser you make us look good...
Btw looks like a nice one and sure does show the rest of the non-chatters what Tw is really like.
Hi PhilL,beautiful knife.I was curious about the "bolster lock".It looks like an interframe so I can't see the bolsters.Can you explain how the lock works?Good luck with the knife and TomW nice gift for a friend
Robb, I had a feeling the term I used "bolster lock" was wrong the minute I typed it. There are no bolsters, the lock is released by pushing down on the left side of the handle which exposes the blue anodized liner on the right side of the handle. Tom asked if I was familiar with that type of lock and if I needed instructons on how it worked. I told him I could figure it out and I have. I have to admit it makes for a neat knife, but not my favorite type of lock. This is far and away the prettiest knife I own, even my wife is impressed. When I told her it was a gift she gave me this look and said, "Yeah right!"
Hey Phil, I know from personal expirience how generous Tom is....great guy.

Anyways, on down the road if you dont have any luck with the scans, you are welcome to send it here and I will get some pics of it for you.

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New photos added!!!
Rich, I'm probably going to take you up on your offer for pics on this knife. Believe me when I tell you this is going to be a real challenge for you or any photographer. It has all these colors going on; in the pearl inlays, the anodized handle and file work, and the colors in the Damascus are really amazing. Just to make it tougher everything is mirror polished. As soon as I'm done staring at it we'll talk.

That is a real beauty. I can see why getting a good pic would be very difficult.

Tom has always been a gentlman in my book and this just reinforces that opinion.

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Ya wanna know what's funny, Don (AKA stab1) is one of the guys that busts my chops for 'Mooching' knives off of folks. But he's one of the guys that sends me knives. Right now I have one of Kit Carson's Damascus F4 neck knives being fit with stag scales and the knife was a gift from Don. I asked Kit if I sent him the stag would he put the scales on for me and he said he would.

Kit only made 33 of these Damascus F4's, but mine will be the only one with stag scales.
Pretty cool huh?

It should look something like this,
<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>


I don't have the knife yet (this is just a virtual rendition) and Kit isn't sure it will look like this. I told him, "Don't worry I can retouch it."

Thanks Don,
and Tom, Kit, Darrel, Mike Cooper, maddog Ray, Velitrious, MartailWay, Sal Glesser and my darling wife for your generousity. My collection wouldn't be the same without you.

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I wanted to get more information on this knife so I found Ron Nott's e-mail address. I sent him the link to this thread and asked if he remembered this knife and what he could tell me about it?
Ron was kind enough to e-mail me back and here's what he said, "the knife is a gents forlder, lock back the blade is Damascus steel made by Ron Evens of Middletown PA. The frame is titanium that was colored this is my first attempt at working with titanium the knife was made about 1995..."
Ron also mentioned he might be interested in trading my knife for one of his new gents folders.
Hmmmmmm, I wonder if Tom would mind?
Well, it seems Tom doesn't mind and tomorrow I go to the Post Office to send Ron the knife. I had the chance to talk to Ron on the phone today and it seems the reason he wants to trade old for new is that his worked has really improved since 1995. He wants to rework my knife and feels that he has collectors that might be interested in it. This is turning out to be one heck of a deal for me.
I just hope now that Tom doesn't want his knife back.

Thanks again Tom and Ron.
Not really Tom, I know what you are...

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Very cool. Always could tell you were a softie under that gruff finish.

Since we're literally around the corner form each other, let's get together and talk knives sometime.



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