Thanks Vets!

Oct 4, 1998
Just wanted to post my thanks to all those who have served before and after me.

Our armed forces has made much of what we enjoy in America possible. They deserve our gratitude and support. Hoo ahhh!

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I'm going to visit "The Wall" in D.C. someday.


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I wrote this poem about a year ago from the perspective of a modern day warrior. I hope it makes us all take pause and think.

When I Sleep.

Who among you shall take note?
Who among you shall weep?
When the lone bugler sounds his mournful note.
When in the arms of Death I sleep.

Who but the host of heaven,
Shall hear the gunmen seven
loose their volleys three?
When in the cold embrace I sleep

When Darkness passes before my eyes'
Who shall wail and who shall weep?
When my days have ended and I die.
When in the arms of Death I sleep