Nov 21, 2000
thanks for the good input of info guys.the fire brick was cheap,lined it with some kaowool from gene martin.Man it was great to fire it up worked wife said i looked like a litte i just got to learn some proper techquies.oh rhino,got my problem solved,just need someone to make me a new platen that is harden better than the cootes this forum,and how nice people are on it.willing to share secerts and knowedge, hats off to you. royboy:)
glad you got started Roy. I don't want to sound like an old lady but...remember what I said about using an unlined Kaowool forge. After a certain heat range the Kaowool starts breaking down and the forge will shoot nasty little Kaowool fibers at you. They are not at all good for your lungs. At least wear a respirator....
I am one of the worlds worst about NOT wearing the damned thing. Recent problems however, have made me a convert and as we all know there is no bigger pain in the a&& than a reformed anything.
i did spray my forge with refactory lineing,am letting it dry now. what i need to find now is a decent forge,or a good substitute for one,,anyone got any good ideas??peolpe say about how theses good deals on forges,heck all i see is high dollors signs,help a poor vet, royboy:rolleyes: :D
need a decent anivl for disabaled vet with no0t much money,or a good substitue for one,any help would be great,got the bug;;; and agood combat soldrer never gives up. royboy
this new sh---t is freakin me out,like trying to learn all over,need cheap anvil,or something as good..any idears,money is tight,sprit strong,,helpppppppp,need to beat the shi####out of some steel. royboy:mad:
A railroad Rail (section) makes a pretty good anvil for no more then a little work.

I'm not sure what you mean by a forge, I thought you just made one. If your talking about a coal forge, an old brake drum and blower will get you started.

If you are talking about a burner check out:

roy i never have problems with the platen on the coote. remenber to use grafite cloth. also go to the neotribal forum at tim lively has lots of tips on how to use scrap for a anvil.
Royboy, go to the junkyard and look for a whopping big chunk of scrap iron. Something anvil shaped is not really needed for just blades. It helps but is not necesarry. I have a 72lb, block of steel I use for a little anvil and a 240lb chunk I welded into an anvil shape (haven't whittled out the horn yet)

Another good place to look is small weld shops, sometimes a few beers and or a knife will get you what you need. :)