Feb 26, 1999
Everybody have a safe and happy one. Thanks to all who participate in this forum, thanks to the moderators for watching over it, thanks to Mike for creating it, and thanks to Spark for maintaing it. Anybody have any favorite tools for the carving of the bird? My father-in-law uses a handmade carbon steel kitchen knife, reportedly fashioned from an old saw blade.
Be safe everybody and take care. Without meaning to preach here, be thankful for all you have, Joni Mitchell was right years ago, "don't it always seem to go, you don't know what you've got till it's gone."-
I’m thankful for people.

First I’m thankful for the time I spend with my Wife and Daughter.

Second I’m thankful for Family Members and Friends.

And I’m thankful for the time I spent with four men, who influenced My life, and brought to Me the joy of brotherhood. My Dad, My Uncle Harry, My nephew Alan, and My friend Mark. These four are no longer with us but what they gave those they knew can never be forgotten.

Everyone Please have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Take Care,


"Every Dog Has His Day"

Not knowing what 'Thanksgiving' means to you "fellow Americans" (I'm a Finn, Northern Europe), I'd like to follow Lucky Dog's cordial example.

I'm thankful of the time, ten years or so, I got to spend with my only true martial friend, Tapio Orusmaa, who died unexpectedly about a year ago. Don't know where you are now; I'm afraid you're just dead. But you teached me so many things even at a time I couldn't (consciously) receive them. For instance, that you grab with your little and ring finger, "root" the thing with the middle finger, and (only) point it with the index finger (of course there are exceptions to that, but your absoluteness made me literally to seek for exceptions). Or the many escapes from wrist-locks, counter-measures to unexpected attacks, the constant intellectual and spiritual challenges in our interaction, and the reminding of the fact that somebody other's answers to the "deepest questions" simply won't do in a pinch.

But most grateful I am of you all who still are alive. God bless you all, where ever you may be!


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For those of you amongst us who will be traveling this week, God's Speed. [Don't drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly!

Many reasons to give thanks this year. Good Health. Happy family. Wonderful friends.

Thanks for past influences: PawPa. Taught me as a young boy that it is a poor craftsman who abuses and does not take care of his tools. Also taught me measure twice, cut once. And that a table saw is realy a VERY fast knife.
And to Granny Polly who REALLY taught me about giving thanks for all the ways we have been blessed.

From the Bubba household to yours, have a wonderful holiday. Come back to us here on the forums safe and sound.


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