Thankyou America

Jan 21, 2001
If there is a God then this poem is the closest this heathen
can get to a prayer.


Twas the night before Christmas alone and quite cold
with nothing before them, and nothing to hold.

The bombs are bursting the rockets red glare
In a tent far away surrounded by sand

The family awaits back in the STATES.
the presents stay wrapped until time tells each ones fate

Just doing a job that has to be done.
one day at a time till democracy is won.

Protecting the freedoms for one and all
some will not return but our flag will not fall.

The world watchs and chortles with glee
As once again the humanity is protected by the land of the free.

Yes it is Christmas and as you snuggle all safe in your beds.
Think not of sugarplums but of those in harms way protecting, instead

BY Rich Langston ie LT ( in answer to inquirys regarding the author ).

Please know you are not alone and not forgotten you are in our thoughts and appreciated 24-7. You Brave wonderful troops. I am but one old man but please know YOU AND YOUR FAMILYS SACRIFICES for this country, the rights of all people and those who have gone before you, exemplify you as the greatest and most wonderful of all entitys. You are americans THE BEST OF THE BEST.

YOU ARE IN OUR MINDS AND HEARTS THANKYOU LT PS This was composed and written while completly sober. One of the few situations in life that I still have the power to correct. There are so many who need to be remembered it long ago became impossible for me to toast each one who has passed. Two arms and only one liver it never made sense to me. So how about some help. pick up that glass and have one this night to the tall and the small to those that gave some and those that gave ( and are giving) all.
ROLL CALL answer up when you have completed your assignment. You may have more than one.
Sep 6, 2002
For ALL those brave souls who protect and serve. May the Good Lord stand with them.

The duty was completed as requested.



Sep 14, 2003
I too followed my orders with much gusto. Great day in our house with thoughts and toasts to family and friends around the world in uniform and out.
Calls to 3 different time zones. It was a good day.
My best to all.