That is an ugly knife!

May 22, 1999
I saw several posts so I had to check it out. I think it was those blinking banners. Don't get me wrong I have some ugly knives. Wait a minute, no I don't. Maybe I need to buy some ugly knives!

How many of you guys have bought one and why? Was it the rolling lock? Is the handle that comfortable? The blade material certainly isn't unique. For that price I think I'd get the BM710 Axis.

Pooky made me do this

What the hell is a Pooky?
To that last question:

Isn't Pookey Garfield's teddy bear?

Um, are you talking about the Carnivour?

By REKaT standards, the Carnivour is a beauty queen, thanks to Pat Crawford. Take a look at a Pocket Hobbit or an Escalator sometime. These knives are function first, second, and third... and they seem to do it quite well. Looks aren't part of the equation. Should it be? I'd say yes, but everyone answers that differently just as everyone has a different idea of beautiful. To some, nothing is more beautiful than a folding knife supporting several times the load others will bear... no matter what it looks like. More power to 'em.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
beauty is not always skin deep.

I like my Escalator. It has a special inner beauty that one grows to appreciate as one gets to know this interesting tool.

If you think THAT'S ugly, you should see my Livesay Woo. THAT IS UGLY. Especially after I added finger and thumb serrations and cord wrapped the handle. But sometimes, function is everything.
Now that is an ugly knife. I mean a custom purchased from a new knifemaker from Washington. It has a large handle and a powder coated blade. The blade still had course grind marks showing through the coating. Got out my trusty dremel, and went to work. Removed the coating, tried to smooth out the grind marks (now swirl) and round the edges of the spine like the sebenza. Boy does it look bad. While I was at it, customized the handle
.Now definitly a one of a kind custom fixed blade very ugly knife.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?
I thought Pookey was Gumby's sidekick, that yellow horse. Or was that Pokey?