The 10% Club

JK Knives

Mar 6, 2001
If anyone does a review of their own JK knife, and I get an order for the same knife due to their review, they will get 10% off of their next purchase!

Here is a list of who is currently eligible, and for what knife they reviewed:

pitdog - Knatchet
Mentor - Hudson Bay
jds1 - Riverwoods Companion
kyturkey - Kentucky Woodsman
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What a swell idea, John. Very cool of you.

I will have to make sure that I give my HB a bit of attention on my next outing. I haven't done a serious write-up on it since snowshoeing season!

All the best,

- Mike
Just to be clear, the people on the list in the first post already have the discount coming to them on their next purchase. I have received orders on each knife due to their excellant reviews. :thumbup:
John, if its possible it might be nice to have links to all the reviews so potential customers could see them when they see this thread. Just a thought.