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The 2019 Garden, Landscape, and Other Stuff Thread...


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Aug 30, 2008
Malden! Who knew! Yes, a bit north of here on the orange line. I'm in Boston proper, though this area was the last to be annexed, and it has a different feel than most of Boston.

I think many people are flabbergasted when they learn of the reality of Boston. It gets so much bad press in terms of politics and weather, but it is actually quite livable considering its range of options and opportunities. Often the weather is better and milder here than other locations, including the SW--but probably not where you are!

My recollection of CA was overpopulation (based on 3-4 trips), BAD air quality and the tinsel town feel.--I remember visiting my bother at UCLA, and I thought I was at a spa! Everyone toned and buff...
Same at USC...remember a guy sitting outside in January playing his classical guitar (he is world-famous musician) wearing no underwear. (Yes, this was noticeable.)

Please tell your Dad. I'm glad he is doing a bit better--I've seen some of your other posts, and know from personal experience how these things can go. Not easy street.
UCLA and USC, west area of Los Angeles. Very high population. Yes. The outskirts and suburbs are much better. Winter time air quality is usually better than summer. Could not beat the weather today.