The Addiction Begins...

Nov 9, 1999
Just got my second Strider today from Triple Aught!!! It's an MT with tiger stripe finish, black cord wrap and black SOE sheath. JEEEEEZUS what a knife! Now when I get my AR, it'll be a matched set! (Oh Patrick.....;) )

Alright, enough typing, time to go cut something....

Oh and it doesnt stop there my friend. There are guns and swords and cannons and axes and...LOL
Adding these to the CQC6 and the '98 Commander in the drawer, I guess I can go from being a "Usual Suspect" to a "Confirmed Suspect" more on the way, too. I have the AR on hold at TAD, as well as a TK on order (with TS finish and OD green micarta handles.) Y'all, I really can't recommend the TK enough. I got to handle it at TAD when I paid them a visit, and it is addictive to say the least. This'll be a GREAT fixed EDC, just gotta wait for it to come in...ARRRRRRGGHHH......:mad:

Off to go wreak glorious mayhem,

SGT Fitts
Confirmed (committed?) Suspect
Hey Ryan,

glad everything got there A-okay!

Thanks again buddy and enjoy your new Striders.

heh heh, wait till you get a load of what we plan on posting a pic of tomorrow. ;)
Hey Patrick--

Dude, if you've got the TAD/Strider folders in, I don't know if my checkbook can take it.....and dude, those customs are BADASS!!!!
Also, any word yet on the status of the TK's? Yeah, I'm a whiny bee-otch (but hey, y'all aren't complaining, right?) Unless, THAT'S what you're posting, there goes the next paycheck...:D

alas, my friend we are not so lucky to have them so soon.

however, it will be a "preview" of something to come...wink wink.

also, the TK-alphas are about 2-3 weeks away. in fact, i think the proto for the TK-bravo is on deck pretty shortly.

talk to you soon buddy.