The answer

Oct 5, 1998
I love my micra to death ... however that little bad boy sure is heavy on the keychain. So when I just have too many things in my pocket ... I replace the micra with a Craftsman 4 way pocket Screwdriver. This little puppy slides into my wallet with ease and is thinner than a quarter. About the cirucmfrence of a $0.50 cent piece.

Been carrying one of these on my keychain for about ten years.It,along with a Swiss army classic and a bushing wrench for my .45 auto have kept me out of trouble many times.
I have one of those Craftsman 4-way flat screwdrivers too, but they sure don't make as good as a scissor or knife-blade as my Micra does. I'll happily put-up with the increased size and weight in my key wallet that the Micra makes.:).
With or without the micra on hand, I always carry a blade of some sort though. Small Sebbenza 2000 is my never leave home without it knife. The sebbie I can cut anything with, just can't find it in my heart though to use it as screwdriver. :D