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The Best Ball-Lock Spydie


Captain Slow
Platinum Member
Jun 17, 2006
What does everyone think and why?

I am really enjoying my new Black SE Dodo. It's like a 2 inch lightsaber:D .

The D'Allara Drop Point is a great. Smooth opening and closing, almost as fast as the comparable BM Grip. In fact, my D'Allara replaced my Grip for EDC. :thumbup:
I carry a Poliwog and have a Dodo on the way. I really like the ball lock, you can release it with either hand.
Dodo is the easy choice for me. One of the greatest knife designs I've ever handled and used.
Hateman: How heavy is the D'LLara in hand?

The D'Allara is light for it's size. It takes up a lot of pocket space like the Chinook but it's about an ounce lighter. Terrific knife for the money. If you like that type of blade shape, look at the Centofante III. I consider these two knives the best bargains out there.
The dodo is the clear winner, but the d`allara makes a strong second place. As per the weight of the d`allara, it's just right, in my opinion. It has the heft you want to reassure you about a knife of its size, but not so heavy it's a pocket anchor.
The D'Allara is light for it's size. It takes up a lot of pocket space like the Chinook but it's about an ounce lighter. Terrific knife for the money.


What smegs said.

I find the DP D'Allara to be just a tad (about an ounce, and this is by feel) bit heavier that the BM Grip.
Depends on your way of determining the best. In my opinion, for fit and finish, it's the Poliwog - hands down. For "significance" it's the WTC knife. For easy of closing, it's the D'Allara Drop Point. For general usefulness, it's whatever model fits your particular needs. I don't find even the D'Allara DP easy enough to close to make me want to carry one, chalk that up to a bit or arthritis and some lack of feeling in my fingertips, so aside from carrying my WTC knife on the anniversary of that day of infamy, I don't have any "users" with ball locks.
The D'llara sounds like an excellent knife. After I handle one I think I'll get one. A PE will go well with my Dodo.

on the comparison you are asking for. I do own and use as my EDC, a Poliwog and agree with the Deacon that it has a great fit and finish (no blade play). I think the ball lock is a real winner, much better than either a liner lock or mid lock. As to which one is the best, will trust my breathern. For what it is worth, I will also take a ball lock over an axis lock, owning 3 of the latter. Spyder hole seals the deal.

I have the Poliwog and the D'Allara and like really like both of them. They are excellent knives.

The D'Allara is one of the best values in a knife right now, in my opinion.
For me it's this one;)

I think I'm going to try and find another black Dodo/SE as a back up:confused: