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The best Keychain Knife for the $$$

May 22, 1999
I was looking for a good keychain knife and previous members posts only pointed me in a vague direction. I wanted a keychain knife as a 'backup' and 'always with me' knife. And after scareing sheeple with my 3" utility knife a small knife will keep me more sociable.

I only have had it for a day and I love it
I went against my favorite brand and bought a Spyderco Ladybug yesterday. First, if you have read my other threads you know I'm practical(try to be) and a cheapskate. Still my price limit was $25 for the knife that I thought should be $10-$15. I don't pledge my money to one particular brand and I never will. I will be buying more Spydercos though because this little knife has excellent fit and finish. Handling a knife at the store never told me anything useful and after only one day of ownership I can say I like it. I don't think that will change after long-term ownership. Are all Spydercos chisel edged?

BTW, my other choices were Buck Mini-Buck and CS Tuff-Lite. Reading other posts I eliminated the CRKT Peck but I still think it is an interesting looking knife.

I blame you guys for raising my standards and emptying my wallet. I was perfectly happy with brand-x until I joined this forum. My planned purchases just went from $450 for 4 more knives to $750+. Just can't seem to save enough for that Small Sebenza. Always making little purchases
Once you get started, you just can't stop! That should be the "bladeforums" theme song, a variation of the "Pringles" jingle. Anyways, Spyderco just uses a chisel type of grind in the plain-edge sections of their serrated-edge knives. If you buy a plain-edge model, it'll be double beveled. If you buy a combo-edged knife, the plain portion will be double-beveled, and the serrations will always be single beveled or chisel-ground. Spyderco and Chris Reeves are my favorite production companies around, IMHO.

Take care,
The Ladybug is a great choice! Spyderco used to offer a Ladybug style with a LED lite. I had one, but my wife found it and now it is on her key ring. Any dealers out there have a few for sale? Charlie or Chad?
The Ladybug is a good choice. My wife has my carbon fiber model on her keychain. I actually prefer the Schrade Cliphanger series. They have both drop point and clip point design and it has a quick release so you can remove it if need be. I shortened the strap on mine to make it a little less obtrusive, and I (or anyone else) hardley even know it's there.

"May you live in interesting times"

AKTI - A000389
Hey Fish,
I never did get any of the "bug/lights"! I wish I had now!

Yup, the Ladybug cuts better for its size than any other keychain knife. Mine, however, is reserved for certain carry situations. I keep a Buck Minibuck on the keyring because my keyring knife gets banged around a lot, which I don't want to do to my Ladybug. The LBK still makes a great little backup pocketknife, though.
How about the BF carbon fiber umm...Spyderco knife that's nice'n small and really light?

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
The best buy for a good keychain knife I believe is the United Dragon's Egg. It is almost identical in shape and size as the Spyderco's Cricket.It's a liner lock with a stainless blade. Under $ 20.00
The CF and Stag LBs defeat the purpose of my choice -- price/performance. Sure they would be nice to have.


What is a United Dragon Egg? That's a new one on me, are you kidding or is there such a knife?
Yes David it is a real knife.It's a liner lock just like the cricket. The only difference is it's a hair larger,an unknown stainless blade and some type or plastic handle. I have a supply so I haven't looked for or ordered any for awhile .If you can't locate one contact me Speedrck@alaska.net or our web site at www.alaska.net/~speedrck.

Ray Carr
Ray - The importer, Double 8 knives, has been in court over the dragon egg for patent ingfringement more than once. United has been called on as well and will probably be sued again.

Double 8 has been court ordered to cease and desist production of this model and has simply refused to comply. This company has no respect for America or American law.

Your support of this company is in very poor taste, at best, and your selling of these knives is in fact illegal. If you are not part of the solution, perhaps you are part of the problem?

United in fact discontinued the knives and accepted back all the ones we had in stock. I never ordered the ones from Double 8 but from what I am told they no longer have them. Are you saying that both are still continuing to sell these?

Also I need your help in the manufacturers forum on a thread there.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Mike I have no idea if Double 8 or United is selling these knives.I purchased 10 on a close-out sale years ago from Blue Ridge Knives and at the time of the purchase they didn't advertise about any patent infringment.Maybe that's why they were such a good deal.I bought the knives from an American company under good faith.
As far as bad taste goes Sal I believe You've got me beat.

Ray Carr