The BM 120 Delta Raider

Oct 20, 1998
Does anybody know anything about this fixed blade. I saw a picture of the Delta Raider in a swedish catalogue from -95, but found no info about it.

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Nice knife.....wish I had bought one while they were still around.
Benchmade produced them shortly after they started the company. Not sure of the year but it was ,probably 7 or 8 years ago. Maybe more. Steel was 440c, I believe.

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Hey Cousin:

I've got the knife in question. I'd wanted one ever since I first saw them and finally found one at a gun show several years back (after they were already out of production). Hell of a knife (although I can't bring myself to use it too much
. Typical BM edge out of the box (i.e: adequate). My only gripe about the knife as a whole is the sheath. It's leather and quite well made save for the diagonal retention strap which, unfortunately, can be slid off the handle of the knife and allows the knife to be drawn from the sheath. Remember, this is leather not kydex
so without the retention strap in place, the knife can fall out. In the few tests I've done on a slashing dummy the knife performed admirably. That reverse-curve is very well executed. Hope this helps.