Nov 2, 1999
In honor of his Twentieth Anniversary in custom knife making, the American Tomahawk Company is proud to introduce Walter Brend's ONLY OFFICIAL ANNIVERSARY CUSTOM PIECE...THE BREND SPIKED HATCHET!


Walter is personally hand making each SPIKED HATCHET in this limited run of up to, and no more than, 100 numbered pieces.

Each SPIKED HATCHET will be etched with the "BREND" logo, "20th Anniversary" and serial numbered.

Serial number reservations are being accepted right now on a first come, first serve basis, subject to availability.....AND, they are going fast.

Steel is none other than CPM-3V, full tang construction, and micarta handle slabs in the style of Walter's famous Model 2 Combat Knife. This SPIKED HATCHET, while his 20th anniversary piece, has all of the performance characteristics which have made Walter's work known the world over.

We have sold several of these Hatchets at and immediately following the Blade Show, so DON'T DELAY!!

Call us for order details and to secure yours TODAY!!!

Andy Prisco,
Co-Founder, Manager
American Tomahawk Company
Congrats on this great project and to Walter for his 20th Anniversary in Custom work and for a great design.

Warmest wishes,

Thanks for the great number, and also thanks goes to the other great man who booked the number for me in the first place

Warmest wishes,

By the way Andy please give specs, prices and size details for everyone's reference.
I can't believe I left that out!

Head Length from Cutting Edge to Spike Tip is approximately 7".

Cutting Edge is approximately 3.5" in length.

Full Tang Haft is approximately 12"....this thing is NOT small by any means....

The curved haft pitches the cutting and chopping action forward.....this thing wants to MOVE!

The best part is the cost, as we kept it comparable to Walter's big standard model knives, like the #2, #5, and BUSHHOG.....only $1,250!

Another thing I failed to mention is that orders are only accepted through the American Tomahawk Company. Walter will not be accepting orders directly for this piece or any HATCHET for that matter...which preserves the value for every customer owning a Walter Brend, 20th Anniversary custom SPIKED HATCHET..

Andy Prisco,
Co-Founder, Manager
American Tomahawk Company

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how much is it????

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Hey don't mind sharing the same serial number with Don do you? :eek: ;) ...just kidding. Don't let him fool you brother! You'll be getting the number you wanted! :cool:

Man I never even thought about asking for #20 as this is the 20th Anniversary Model! You got me there! I told Andy that I ought to post that I got #20 and watch you run than Cell bill up!

Oh well, #11 works for me, (or possibly even a lower number depending upon previous individuals possibly not following through with there orders!)

Anyway, Oliver, I got the #1 Brend from Joel Pirella on his new Colloraboration. Take That! Now all we got to do is wait!
:) :D
Bobby held Frank and I at knife point to make it known that he will be getting 000 Hatchet! So he has us all beat....the problem is, he doesn't know yet that Walter is planning to make -999 and -998 for Frank and me, so we will still be ahead of Bobby!!!!! HAHAAAAAAA! :)
We concede.......we concede!!!!!!!! A pair of 000's is clearly better in this case than a straight flush.......:)
Hey Sniper 308,

Thats great that you evenn got that low #11. I think it is a great choice to get this Brend Hachet. Ref Joel, I spoke to him last week and all were gone you luck guy! However, I understand that a 00 proto is availabe and I am in for it :D Interesting fixed blade Brend with special handle! Stay well :)

Bobby good luck with that '000' hatchet :)

Warmest wishes,

Guys the orders are rolling pretty steadily. We don't want to see anyone missout on this VERY SPECIAL, "once in a lifetime" piece of Brend History!

If you are interested or been thinkin' about it, I would suggest calling Andy as soon as possible.

Andy, one of the orders I took today was from a guy who didn't know of their availability until I told him. He was calling me for a knife, and did not hesitate when I told him of the "20th Anniversary Brend Hatchet".

Therefore fellow forumites, if you know someone who might be interested and might not know of this project, please let them know. We truly do not want any Brend collectors/users to get left out simply because they somehow didn't know.


I know that I am drooling for my two;)

I spoke with Andy over the weekend and they are moving fast. Thats why I ordered another :D :p :D :p :D :p

...just a note to report that we no longer have single digits available and have not since the end of the first day of the offering.

There are one or two "teens" left, and some close to the end of the numbered run.