The Caracci-Man, The Pendulum Swings!

Aug 1, 1999
I see Andy made an announcement about Chris Caracci while I was uploading some more photos to Photopoint. (Which is really cool news by the way:cool

I had the pleasure of being around Chris Caracci this past weekend at the Blade Show in Atlanta. I was really impressed and trust me I am not easily impressed. I have been around Martial Artists, Military, Ex-Military, Kick-Boxers, Cops, Prisoners, and people that climb into sewers. My father was a SP on a SAC base and my high school girlfriend's father jumped out of airplanes and shot at Germans; I have heard some stories. My Step-son amassed over 40 trophies in karate touraments, so I have seen lots of moves. I am past the age of feeling the need to brag myself, but my nose still works when I hear others speak.(Know-what-i-mean?) Plus I have been playing with knives ever since I learned how to open a band-aid.

Chris is a fine gentleman devoid of an inflated ego and easy to learn from. Listening to him talk about tomahawks and knives was highly interesting.


I don't usually view knives in the "tactical" sense; I look at knives from the "deer-skinning", "catfish-cleaning" perspective. Listening the Chris explain the design specifics of the Pendulum made logical sense.


(Prototype Model)
The Pendulum now to me is a common sense defense tool. From what I gather from over-hearing Chris describe the knife, you don't have to be an expert knife fighter to succeed in defending yourself from an attacker and getting out of there alive.


(This is not a posed picture; he was just descibing a punch.)
Watching the Caracci-Man handle a knife or a tomahawk was fun because his motions are so smooth and natural.


This thing fits in the hand naturally and allows for a positive and comfortable grip. Making that cutting edge more effcient in a self-defense situation.


Several people stopped to examine the Pendulum prototypes at the show. I can see a lot of women as well as men carrying them in the future. I know I want one.

I discussed this thread with Andy yesterday. So don't get the idea I am on the ATC or Caracci payroll. I'm not. Chris is a top-notch guy with a awesome knife design. (He did offer to cut off my leg for me, what a guy!)
My partner's wife saw his demostration and named him as the Big Scary Guy.

I am glad to see Chris doing some training for us.

Thanks Chris, spending some time with you was an honor.

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I want to thank you for posting this. Chris is a great guy. His self-defense demonstration at the Blade Show was great.