The Chinese Sidewinder


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Mar 22, 1999

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Chuck, an amazing review!! I especially like the missle analogy...I certainly learned something from it. Not sure if i'm gonna pick one of these up yet, but now that i'v read your review it's a deffinate possibility. Come to think of it, i actually saw these at the show but didnt think much of it. Cant rememeber if i even actually handeled one. Anyway, thanks again Chuck!
haha wow... nice review! heh... hmmm damn i wish i bought this one :) for my first bali instead of that dragon one :p heh oh well ^_^
Awesome review again, I really loved the Sidewinder story.

As for the "kick" thing on an FHM, I will get the three prototypes this weekend. I hope they understood it, had to explain it to the makers over and over again. :)
i just got mine today. I dont like how the handles are so far apart but other than that it is an excelent knife. Next to no wobble and nice heavy steel handles. But they arent at all to sharp.
I Kinda like mine, but on about my third flip, the pivot pin on the bite handle twisted about 30 degrees out of the factory fit.

I tried to push the pin back into place, but it won't punch all the way out with my tools.
It still flips pretty well. I like the weighty handles, and thick blade.
Allignment is pretty decent too.
The latch sucks. This might be a good latchless bali project.
I don't really like that when open, there is about a 1/4" gap between the handles.

Probably better than your average Jaguar.
Originally posted by blade_420
The latch sucks. This might be a good latchless bali project.

I think that is a really great idea Dude.

That was a great, In-Depth Review Chuck. That's why we wuv you!

I have the following comments and ideas.

Take the Latchless idea and make that a reality. Take a Dremel and get rid of the Budweiser [Beer Can] Latch.

Get some Micarta [Chuck's Idea] and pop those Bakelite Wannabe inserts out, cut, sculpt and fit Micarta to it.

Cut and fit a Kick inside the handle and epoxy it in place. Pressure fit and epoxy should hold it there forever. That eliminates that problem if it is done right. Depending on how much material you can obtain from the latch you have cut off, you might already have the material to do it!

Take the smaller, conical grinding stones utilized for the Dremel, and grind some Pockets on it. That should not be too hard to do either.

I don't think I could get them perfect, but maybe someone can. In any event, it would relieve some stress.

So, now you have in the Immortal Words of SnipahBooooye...a "FrankenBali."

Maybe we should call it "General Tso's Bali."

Just for uniformity [maybe I'm anal, I dunno] you could custom cut, pressure fit and epoxy a small piece of Aluminum or Mild Steel into the space taken by the removal of the latch.

Just to block the end off.

Damn, I burned my last Dremel up doing projects over ten years ago.

Looks like it is time to invest in another one and buy a couple of these SCUDs.
I thought about customizing one the first time it showed up here on the forum.
I'd make it a latchless, and try to make my own inserts in wood (should be easy) or carbonfibre :)
I hope they are allready available in France, so I can get me a couple of them in a week or so :D
Yes, those Chinese cheapies are value for money.

Of course, you are right on some technical flaws of that balisong.

I have a feeling it won't be long before they iron out the kinks. Considering the price as you say, the CCC could turn out to be quite a match for the other upmarket balis.

I have one or two of these CCCs. For some time now, I noticed that the quality has been on an upward trend.

Technology is not exclusive to only a few parts of the world. Technology transfer is fluid like water in the mountains or in the plains.

Nevertheless, looking at all these new developments, it should be an interesting time for the balisong collectors.
I hate to admit it but I love my China Cheapie, or "sidewinder" as they seem to be nic-named now. Can't see payin' $40 bucks for it though. Me and Todd1 can get em for $20 here in NC. You should investigate your local flea markets and gunshows. Are the handles 2 different lengths on anybody elses? How's aboot some G-10 Scales?
If I were to, say... rehandle my 259 utility but put the handles on backwards so to have a Manila folder (bite out on latch drops), would I go to hell? lol
That review was very insightful, I think I learned alot, and got alot of customizing ideas. I'm going to try to find me one of those,I love heavy handles:D . I have big hands and it makes it a little easer to flip for me:rolleyes: . How many times have you had to resharpen it? Thanks again for the great review:D :D . Tiger

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