The Collectors' Show returns...

Apr 3, 2002
to the Napa Valley of California - February 18-19, 2006.

In this, our 2nd Year, we are convening at Silverado Resort and Country Club on the East side of the Napa Valley.

We hope that you'll come and join us, for some of:

The Most Exquisite Custom Cutlery in the World.

View, Select & Buy from a broad spectrum of Available Knives that will include: Bowies, Hunters, Folding Knives, Swords, Art/Culinary Knives & Related Objects.

Visit with some of the World’s Foremost Artists in Cutlery and Pattern-Welded Steels @ the Show, then join us in breaking bread @ the Banquet and Damascus Round Table. Thought-Leaders and Practioners in this Renaissance -- that blends Cutlery & Art with Metalurgy -- will share their knowledge and draw from their experience for our Round Table Symposium, complementing and rounding out this fine event.

Join us at The Collectors’ Show @ Silverado Resort, Napa. February 18-19, 2006...

Find out more on our Website:

Thanks for looking. We look forward to seeing you in Napa...



I've been away from the online Knife Fora for awhile -- quite busy with reaching out to new Communities and managing the process, details and growth of The Collectors' Show.

Please note that there will be a wide variety of knives & swords available @ The Collectors' Show. One goal is to make Custom Knives more accessible by "growing" Collectors... So, there will be something for almost everyone...

Thanks to all of you, who -- for your appreciation of Fine Cutlery and your desire to contribute and share this with others -- have helped further the Vision.