The Empress of Desire

Feb 4, 1999
Maybe this has been covered before, but I was horrified as I paged through my latest issue of KI and saw the ad from Knightstone Collections about The Empress of Desire "fantasy collector knife". Now, I'm sure these knives have a niche somewhere, but the question is WHERE??? I mean, who REALLY buys these things? Granted, Boris Vallejo's picture is pretty cool, but the knife itself has to be the chessiest thing on earth! I dunno. I guess it strikes me as funny because the ad is in a knife publication that, I would assume, is mainly made up of readers whose tastes extend beyond all that reeks of Advanced D&D. Call me a snob, I guess.
The same people who buy all those wonderful Franklin Mint "collectables."

Several months ago, my neighbor caught me out side weeding and said, "You've gotta see this great knife I just got."

Well, alright, I'll bite. So, I went over. He lovingly produced this Franklin mint piece of junk. I could hardly keep from breaking into laughter since there had just been a guy in rec.knives trying to sell one and he'd been flamed to well-done.

My neighbor paid $150 for the thing. Could have had a nice BM for that. But, he did get a "certificate of authenticity" and, the BM wouldn't be "generously layered in real gold-colored paint."

I would guess that these are targeted for the same folks who buy the deluxe United brand Gil Hibben "fantasy" series.