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The Future of Tactical Knives?

Jan 4, 1999
I'm very new to the cutlery industry but I've already learned about the incredible popularity of self defense knives, or tacticals or whatever term is popular. To say that they are the best sellers is a significant understatement and I've learned that from just a couple of weeks experience with our new developing web site.

It's also obvious that the anti-knife sentiment that continues to grow in this country hasn't been motivated by Case Trappers or Swiss Army knives. It's obviously been motivated by bigger and "badder" equipment.

Here's the question I'd like to pose to the group. Is it possible that anti-knife sentiment will get the knife community motivated to change the design of tactical knives to something with more apparent popular appeal? Could we be seeing "stealth" versions of tactical bladeware in the future? Could the tactical folder of the future have a sleeker, smaller profile and mother of pearl scales? Or red scales with a swiss cross?

I've seen Buck 110's converted to auto. Could that be an example of a "stealth" tactical? What, if anything, will happen to the knife industry's fastest growing segment? Will it go undercover or will stay up front? Thanks for your input.

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Fred - the bigger and badder equipment behind the "anti-knife" sentiments usually turn out to be criminally used household items such as kitchen cutlery and hardware store merchandise. I rarely hear about misused "tactical" fixed blade and folding knives...and I regretably hear about plenty of crimes.
Jeff, Facts or logic rarely play a part in what our "leaders" think constitutes good legislation. The fact that tactical knives are rarely used in a criminal manner will not stop some well meaning (or not) politician from introducing legislation to ban or alter the characteristics of tactical knives. A look back at the "assault weapons" debate confirms this. Even the NRA with 3 million+ members could`nt stop the assault weapons ban once it got on a roll. I`m by no means suggesting we give up on fighting against anti-knife legislation. I`m going to join the AKTI. Banding together makes us stronger and victories can be won.

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