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The greenies are nice!

May 22, 2006
These just arrived ... I'm partial to the green blades.


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I'm rather partial to those snakeskin scales, if only they were offered in magnum :( Jerry, are you still looking to see if that pattern can be duplicated, or is all hope lost?
Nice!! Sunday delivery?!

No ... got'em Friday ... took me a couple of days to find the time to figure out how to post a photo on the forum! Also ordered a FBM with black blade and magnum black and tan handle; guess it was shipped seperately!
I met David a few months ago when he made sheaths for three Pork Belly Skinners for me. He does a real nice job!
Awesome scores! The snakeskin with OD looks awesome:cool:
Very Nice and thanks for sharing the pics. I hope you don't mind I borrowed the pics to add to the "FBM Compilation Thread" if you want them removed please let me know