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The "group buy" you asked for.

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Nov 12, 2000
I took everyone's E-Mail suggestions and the "group buy" is here.


Still accepting E-Mail suggestions on what knives you are interested in. I haven't said no yet if it is one I can get (and send legally. No switchblades....sorry).

Please E-Mail me at Service@EKnives.cc if you can think of anything else.

Please also note delivery times for this may be slow, as I am getting requests about knives I do not normally carry. The Microtech Amphibian is on the page, but has not been released yet. I am, however, accepting back orders for this knife. If it is going to be a problem of getting the knife past a month time frame, I will let you know in E-Mail when you order.

Hey Matt-

How is that you can offer a "group buy" on a Microtech Amphibian?

Know something the rest of us don't? Seriously, I thought that knife was still deeply mired in development. How did you even get a price on it?

Just Curious-


Name's Ash......Housewares.
Call me confused.

Typical of my short-range memory abilities, forgot to go back and follow this thread after first reading and posting. Also missed Matt's post re "accepting" the plan.

As I understood the original proposal, there would have been the selection of a single knife. If enough people would agree to buy it, and pay for it before a scheduled ship date, then a truly excellent price could be obtained.

Instead, we have a list of a few knives, the prices for which are no major bargains. One knife is priced $5-6 higher than 1SKS, another a whole dollar cheaper. Given what I understood about Benchmade's controlling of the prices that may be set for their products, I assumed there never would be a BM chosen.

I do think it is cool to seemingly have a chance to buy the new MT. I've not seen anything regarding MT's MSRP for the Amphibian, so it makes figuring out whether a certain price is a bargain or not pretty difficult.

I appreciate the effort you've gone to, Matt, but what you've given us doesn't even resemble what I thought we were talking about. Would you mind sharing just how many e-mail responses you did receive? Did you receive even say as many as 50 for one particular model? I would have thought that you'd have notified everyone as to the single most requested model, and tried to drum up the numbers into the several hundred realm, and then gone for a special deal on just that one knife.

Confusedly, (my normal status)

Asi es la vida

I was the one who posted this group buy idea. "KnifeManMatt", thank you for offering us knives on sale but you have not created a group buy. Please read "Bugs3x" explanation of a group buy.
Not to mention this is a commercial post. Sorry guys but there is the dealer section for this and not the general board as it is clear Matt will be making a buck or two here. So off to the dealer section it goes.

The only commercial posts allowed in this area are those from BFC to support this site. Which are in a way, group buys especially on exclusive items.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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