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apologies if you've already mentioned this, Uncle Bill, but what's up with this HI move you've mentioned is coming soon? Is this within Reno or somewhere farther? How long do you expect HI to be offline? And most importantly, are you taking the computer shack with you?
For the benefit of those who may not be aware of it, when Bill sends you "blessings from the computer shack in Reno" he's not speaking metaphorically. There really is a computer shack in his yard, and the fact that he conducts all his computer correspondence from within is ample testimony to his being an extremely tough old dog. The shack is one of those windowless metal tool storage sheds, maybe what, Bill, 6x6x6? Easily heated in winter, I imagine, but on those many summer days when Reno is in the 90s or above, stiflingly hot. Perhaps this was a factor in Uncle Bill's mastering his notably concise style of correspondence, or was it that you read a lot of Hemingway?
Mar 5, 1999
The property where we are set down has been sold to the community college next door so it's a must move situation.

We are moving into a mobile home at a park only 4 blocks away but the packing and unpacking remain the same no matter four blocks or four thousand miles. With the help of my Nepali shipping staff during the move I'm sure I'll not be able to find anything for six months. I do not look foward to it.

The move is scheduled for the first weekend in Jan. so I'll be absent for a couple of days. The upside is I should be getting DSL in January so that may cut down an hour or two per day that I have to spend at this screen.

Oh yes, the mobile home has a computer shack, too!

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Bro I dayumed sure don't envy you one bit!!!
I have lived in this house for the last 20 years and I still have junk that I put up when I moved in.
And like we have talked, sure as the world if I throw anything away, I will need it within a week and have to go buy it.

Sheesh!!! I would sure hate to move now with all the other junk that's been collected the last 20 years.
And what makes it really bad is that Barb is just as bad a pack rat as I am.
And we both put up things where we will "know where its at" and even in this very small house it can be lost for as long as 2 years.
Barb just found a skinning knife one of us put up like that about 2 years ago which brought it to mind.

There is also a "print" of an NDN Southern Style Straight Dancer that was "put up" a few years back that refuses to be found.
One of these days we will run across it and when we do it is going straight to the framers to be framed so it can be hung up.

And again this is a very, very small house. I sometimes wonder if things couldn't be found better in a large house since there's more room to "store" stuff, but I guess you will be finding out when y'all get moved to the Big Mobile Home.


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My condolences on the move, Uncle!
I HATE moving! I understand completely how you feel, but meanwhile have a great New Year's Eve!


Stay sharp and be Safe!
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Glad to hear that everything will stay the same. I was going to ask if the mailing address would change.