The Hinderer Anticipation Thread - What Are YOU Waiting for?

My first Hinderer was a 3" Wharnie with a blue scale, since then I have collected 4 other Hinderers with a sixth inbound and due tomorrow.


Thanks LW, you put me on this path. :thumbup:

First post in the Hinderer forum. FlyinLC I'm waiting on the same knife. View attachment 576619

I received mine this afternoon, what a wonderful tool it is. The ergonomics of the handle design provide a very comfortable grip, and the tanto blade came as sharp as a razor.

I was not able to open your attachment to see your incoming Eklipse. You might want to contact one of the BF moderators to give you some advice on posting photos.

Thank you,

just received a custom and murdered 3.5" spanto......loving every bit of it!! I've now got a 3" wharncliffe coming that will pair very nicely with a custom ShepardCC silver twill carbon fiber scale.........who could ask for more??