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The Hossom Hideout (Pic).

Dec 15, 1999
Thursday was a great day. My Hossom Hideout arrived via UPS. This picture does not give it the justice I would like, but it will give you a sense:

Steel: ATS-34 treated by Paul Bos
Thickness: 5/32
Blade: 5.45 inches, Texas legal
Overall: 10.5 inches.
Handle: Black & gray canvas micarta with fancy pins.
Balance point: Right along my index finger below the guard.
Sharpness: OUCH!

General first impressions: This is a light fast knife, made for easy concealment, quick maneuvering, and stabbing over cutting.

Test One:The first thing that struck me is how pointy this bugger is. That made me a little nervous, thinking that the point was weak. To test this hypothesis, I took 1" plywood, and forcefully stabbed the knife into the board. I then slapped the handle sideways, popping the blade out. I did this several times, with no damage or deformation to the point.

Test Two:(Accidental) I then accidentally dropped the knife point down on the concrete floor (barely missing my foot). I yelled "Nooooo!" thinking that the thin point, even after withstanding the last test, would not be able to handle concrete. I was wrong. The point was only slightly flattened (there was a small chip in the floor) and a few minutes on an ultrafine Arkansas stone brought it right back.

Test Three: I hung up rolls of wet newspaper 3" in diameter. My hands were wet yet the handle material was still easy to grasp. Jerry concave grinds the center of the handles so they sink right into your hands. I couldn't cut through the newspaper the first couple of swipes, until I realized I was cutting too far forward. Once I cut so the angle of the edge came in contact with the roll, it cut right through.

Test Four: I then hung up another roll, swung it, and practiced stabbing at it. Even though the point isn't centered, it was still easy to hit the target. The point, although tough, was easily fine enough to puncture right through the material.

Summary: This knife is well suited for it's task. Although it did not cut quite as well as I would have liked, I also have to admit that part of that is my failure in executing technique rather than failure of the blade. I haven't been able to do any meat-on-bone testing with it, but I'm sure it will perform very well, based on the tests I have performed. The point will be very serviceable and I know I can count on it in a life-or-death situation should one ever arise.

Questions? Comments?


Waxes Eloquent, Leader of the Terrible Ironic Horde and Sarcastic Brain Spewer

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Thanks Matt. Actually that handle is Black Linen Micarta, just finished a little differently. Now about that drop it point first on concrete test...

Jerry Hossom
Neil, if you ever saw the size of Matt's hand you would understand why it is this size. This is the Sasquach model. He has the biggest hand I have ever made a knife for. Clearly it can be smaller.

Jerry Hossom

Nice review! The Hideout sounds like one neat little thrusting blade. It looks like it would sit very nicely across the back of one's pants waist, hidden beneath a shirt-tail.

And, this hideout blade sure looks like something that our undercover LEO friends would find very useful.

Great job as usual Guys



Tuvo muy mala suerte...se callo en mi cuchillo.

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WHOOO-EEEEEE!!!! That's one PURTY knife!


Great review, as per usual. You have the life bro. UPS delivers one of those beauties to my door, I will be one HAPPY man!! Question...where's the pics of your sheaths man??


You are NOT a knife maker. You are a knife ARTIST who happens to make one killer knife.

Mr. G.,

Well, the URls for the sheath I made for this knife are here:

This one shows how easy it is to conceal one of my Belly sheaths (but only if you have a big belly like mine). http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=155974&a=1307491&p=16982174&Sequence=0

This one shows the Belly Sheath exposed. http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=155974&a=1307491&p=16982172&Sequence=0

I made a belt plate for it, interchangeable with the belt loops taking it from a belly sheath to a high-ride forward canted belt sheath. http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=155974&a=1307491&p=16982171&Sequence=0

The URL for my little photopoint page is at http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=155974&a=1307491



Waxes Eloquent, Leader of the Terrible Ironic Horde and Sarcastic Brain Spewer
I know what you mean about a sasquatch model! I'm 6"2", 285lbs and can easily palm a basketball
If I make a knife that fits my hand, It will be way too big for 90% of my customers!!

That belly sheath is a great idea!

Blackwood Knives
More knives in stock soon!
When I first eyeballed the knife I though tit was a nice 'cu'te' piece and was surprised to hear how big it is. I pprefer this as a nice little knife, but ofcourse my hands are really small too.

Great review Waxes.

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