The Jones Boys

Sep 30, 1999
Got my new Jones Bros. neck knife yesterday. Very well made sturdy little sucker. It is just as well made as my other 2 neck knives, both of which cost double what this one did. I'll be wearing it everyday and will be back to let you know how well it holds an edge, but being as they have the heat treating done by Paul Bos, I have no doubt it will excel.Their sheaths are made by Sigman and are excellent, I don't know how they do all this for the prices they do. Check them out, they will go way out of their way to accomadate you.

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Yeah - too bad they don't have a webpage!

They are nice guys though


R.J. Schmidt
i hear ya!!
i'm hoping to wear mine tomorrow to the Show. they sure make a nice little knife!
last i checked he still had the carbon fiber tanto for sale...i got one of the micarta scaled ones (another member got a beaut...ivory micarta scales)...
eventually i'm gonna get a nice little pocket sheath made for it for jeans, dockers, etc...
Phillip & Barry,
No need to worry, guys. You're doing it right!!! Just keep on doin' what you're doin'.

Holy cow! It's them!

They don't have a website but there's a link in their signature's to pics.
BTW, if you don't know-in the book Knives'98 their knife went against a bunch of others(most more expensive) and came out on top. It's a good article. Also they were profiled in Tactical Knives magazine, don't remember the issue date but I'm sure they can tell you.
Ok guys, do I get my discount now?
Barry has been A real pleasure to deal with.These guys are also prompt and give no B.S.Thanks Guys John A.K.A. B.A.
Some very nice work there with reasonable prices too. Will bookmark the photopoint URL and check back for knives available.


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Will either of you be at the upcoming Gun & Knife show in Raleigh? If not will any of the dealers be selling your knives? Depending on the election outcome that could be a pretty good show. If a.g. wins the reloading supplies and ball ammo will probably sell out again.
The Jones Bros. are great to work with. They can take your ideas and make them a reality in a timely manner, and at a fair price to boot! Best of all, they send their customers Christmas cards. That is service after the sale


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We are going to try and make it to the Raleigh gun show. We will be there probably the first day only. Stop by the Bagmaster tables(he has the good bags, soft gun cases, and pistol holsters). That is where we will be. If you come when we aren't there then just talk to Bob(we adopted him as our big brother), he should have several of our knives. Bob can also answer just about any question you could think of about our knives.

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Have you two ever considered a trip to NYC? You'd do well at the November show- just have a look at all of the folks who were there & had your knives- I saw 2 myself- and they weren't on anybody's table for resale either! Maybe you'll make it up- would be nice to meet you- I moved away from Martinsville in '91- didn't even know there were knifemakers nearby!

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By looking at the amount of posts by these two guys, I think we can see who is doing most of the work over there.

OK boys I know you have a shot of your neck knife, why don't you post it? Just playing. I can say this, I've been using one of their necks knives for about a year and couldn't be happier. In fact, when my father-in-law "borrowed" mine I even ordered another one. Hell, when I pay for a knife you know I like it.

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