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The Joys of Topic Drift :D

Oct 3, 1998
I don't spend a lot of time reading these forums, but there ain't enough time to read all of them. Ond of the places I don't visit often enough is the Himalayan Imports forum, where I found the following wonderful thread:


It started with some questions about the edge of a kukri, and about the sheath, and by the way there's this other question about the signature on the blade. From there it gets into the differences in sentence structure between Nepali and English, not to mention Cherokee and Akkadian! And from there it explores theories on the possibility that all human languages have a common origin, and the story of the Tower of Babel, with an aside on the definition of Occam's Razor, and then it goes back to the lack of BS among the Nepali bladesmiths.

I love this place!!!

AKTI Member # SA00001
You got to read every post on every thread if you are going to know what is going on, other wise you are going to miss something.

I read as many as I can, not all, unfortunately I need the phone line for other things, like making a living.


Kind of like going in to BF Chat via IRC and talking about whatever comes up: be it firearms, reloading, hunting, family....... good folks just hanging out with a common love of life

Ray 'md2020'
...and speaking of topic drift in the HI forum there is this thread that keeps getting resurrected that makes no sense to me (Don`t you guys sleep?) I guess sometimes you just need to talk to your virtual knife buddies

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

I wondered how many times MJS knives needed to apologize and what for and there is a long debate about economics, marketing and dealerships going on. not totally off base, but starting to get out of hand.

I love the economics debate going on a little farther down the screen, I read the updates every time. I'm just very careful not to hit the "post reply" button by accident!