The Kerver, by Sean Perkins


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Oct 2, 1998
I first learned of this interesting little knife from my friend Nemo before a review was posted on

Fred Perrin's site has some photos and an excellent review, and information regarding the fascinating manner in which this knife is constructed can be found at Sean Perkins' site:

I must say that the knife appealed to me in a "primal" way, the way you might be moved by Stonehenge the first time you see it.

It is small, about four inches in total length, with a two inch cutting edge.
The knife is ground on one side, in what Perkins' calls a "scythe" grind. Mine is the 1/4 inch thick A2 steel version, but an ATS-34 version is available as well.

The edge on my Kerver is extremely sharp, and the finish of the knife has a beautiful and complex patina created by the maker and nature.

I got the Kerver with both a pocket sheath and a belt sheath, each of which is made of sturdy tool leather, and which can be attached to the knife via a lanyard and hook for security. Simple, yet very effective.

I would suggest reading both Perrin's and Perkins' sites above to get a much better idea of what this knife is made of and capable of. I will just say that I think it is an example of interesting and unique "pocket art" which is extremely functional due to its fine edge.

I am very glad to have purchased one.

Sean Perkins is a gentleman, and the Kerver is a bargain at $60 (plus $5 shipping.)

Perkins may be reached at:

Thanks Fred and Nemo for leading me to an interesting and fulfilling acquisition.


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I've seen Sean Perkins ad's in "Blade" and have liked the look of his knives. Its nice to finally get a review and hear about them.

The Kerver and his little brother is the kind of knife you cannot let go when you start to touch it.
Everyday I find new usages to that little knife !

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I purchased the Karver and am well satisfied with it, I use it several times a day and it is really a neat & useful knife! In fact, I like it so much that I'm going to order another one.
My experience with chisel grinds is limited to the KISS family, which all suffer from the inability to easily cut straight lines. Does the kerver suffer from the same problem?

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