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Feb 2, 2005
I didn't see a Kinfolks thread, so I thought I'd start one. I know a very minute portion of Kinfolks history. I know that Case has used the Kinfolks logo on some of their new knives, and have read that the Kinfolks brand was part of the Case family. I know that Kinfolks made fixed blades and slipjoints, but was unclear as to whether they made the majority of slipjoints.

For some time, I've been interested in the Buck 119 and Case Finn style knives. For years, the majority of fixed blade knives I've seen at junk malls, flea markets and farmers markets have been the Finn/119 style knives, from various makers including Remington and quite a few German makers. I have gone so far as to look at the Rudy Ruana and Harry Morseth blades that have a similar look, to me anyway (some models). I had a Western W36 when I was a kid, and beat the heck out of that knife, I gave it to my little brother. That basic design, from large almost bowie type knives, to the small pocket fixed blades, have been on my mind lately.

Why? Our resident Tolkien/L'Amour master of prose, Carl, has been talking about the Case Finn hunter. I stopped to meet a knife buddy of mine, Dwayne Unger, to trade my custom Hudson Bay for his Bark River Hudson Bay.

After trading, coon fingering and chicken eying his knives and mine, we took a walk to the junk mall. A butcher knife caught my eye, I thought it was an Old Hickory knife, I was going to get it for my father. Turned out to be a Case, but for the price, it was not going home with me. Coming back through, I noticed a Finn style blade. It looked like so many others, but I thought I saw Kinfolks stamped on the blade.


and on the reverse, 232.

I have pics, and will share them when I can. I am slowly falling in love with this blade, its in great shape, and after asking a question on some FB groups, I was told in no uncertain terms, to get it right then and there.

I would like to see your Kinfolks fixed blades and folders, and any history you may have is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
This Kane Cutlery swayback jack is not a Kinfolks, but is among the Case Family Brands knives, and special to me because we have Kanes on my dad's side of the family. The plaque shown has some of the history as well. This is a beautifully made knife.



My only Kinfolks. I'll take another pic if it looks better after I've oiled the handle.

It reminds me more of a nicker than a puukko, though.
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I had another one. I'm surprised by the Western-shaped pommel. Above is a 315, this is a 330F.
My recollection of the company is that it was founded by a Case and a kinsman from another knife company, and they set up Kinfolks to make fixed blades because their existing companies did only pocketknives at the time. (I recollect reading this; no personal experience involved.)