The Klotzli Folder

Oct 3, 1998
This knife, along with the REKAT Pioneer, has become one of my favorite "user" knives.
The Walker design is way cool, and the Swiss craftsmanship compares to MT in all respects.
It feels good and opens smooth as glass.
The liner lock is very positive and engages right in the middle of the lock.
Mine has the blue anodized aluminum finish on the scales as well as a polished blade with sufficient belly for most chores.
These knives are really classy. The BEST thing about them (IMO) is the 440C stainless blade and fasteners. You can use it all day without the worry of continiously wiping down the blade. Clean fish, garden work, moisture.....normal things that we all worry about so we are continiously tendeng the blade. These are use-all-day/wipe-down before putting away knives. I love the freedom of not having to be anal about stains. The heat treatment provides one of the best edges I've seen for 440C.
Another neat feature is the blade can be opened by the stud or the traction grooves at the base of the blade. This is great for gloves and/or lefties.
These knives are going for less than $80 right now at Discount Knives.
Check them out. I think you will be impressed.
Bill you are right, they are great knives and I too like the 440c steel.
Chris, Top of Texas Knives

Hi Bill,
Less than $70??? THe least expensive one I saw was $96 there another place at Discount Knives where they have them listed? Thanks...



I have been wanting a Klotzi/Walker for some time and when I saw this thread, I called Brian and asked him if what I heard was true. He looked up the price and sure enough he had them on sale at the moment. I paid $75.69...I didn't quibble with this since it was almost $40 less than his listed price. Wow! He told me that from time-to-time he gets these deals and passes them on to customers. They are not advertised on the web because they come and go so quickly that it would be difficult to keep updated properly (this is what he told me and I understand how risky and difficult it might be). This is a great price but I would order as soon as possible if you want one.

Jeff Jenness