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The Knife to Buy

Aug 1, 2006
Before I spend any more money on Spydercos :)D) what knife that's around $100 should I buy right now, and why? I just need a little more help before making my decision. I appreciate the help.
I love my manix its built like a tank also if you can find them any of the ATR models are excellent knives
Spyderco has so many different knives in that price range or below, it's more like which one do you like?

You could buy the discontinued Stretch model, the classy frame lock Volpe, or save yourself $30 and get a ZDP 189 Delica in SE or PE. The regular enduras or police models are still classics and still sell very well for good reason.

For sure there's something for everybody. If you wanted to spend some more I would definitely suggest the military in the BG42 sprint version. IMO, one of the best production knives from any company. As well made and well balanced a knife as you can find, with BG42 steel. There's not many of those left. The classic military in S30V steel is a great knife also, and closer to your price range.

If it was me I'd go for the ZDP 189 BRG delica, and buy a Byrd knife with the money left over. If you need a tank of a knife, the manix or mini manix won't let you down either though. Joe
Already have a military and police ;). I've been thinking about the BG42/CF--those look pretty sweet. Right now I'm leaning towards one of those even though they're higher in price. Thanks for the opinions so far..does anybody else have any ideas?