The Latest from Boker

Oct 22, 1998
I just got the new Boker catalogue. The knife
on the front page is a new 'tactical' folder by, BRACE YOURSELF, Heckler and Koch ! The knife is available in two blade styles, drop point with a false edge (8.5cm) and chisel-ground tanto (8cm).
Both styles are available with a TiAlNi coating and have partial serrations. The handle is made from the same plastic as the SOCOM/USP pistols, with the same rough grip surface. It is a liner lock, but the liner
is not recessed. It features a tip-down-carry wire clip that can be moved to either side of the handle. The blades are made of X-15-Morinox steel, a world premiere according to Boker, X-15 is said to be far more rust-resistant than ATS-34 or 440C due to its Nitrogen content. The blades are
hardened to 58 HRC.
The other knife that caught my eye is an all-black version of the fullsize Applegate-Fairbairn-dagger, with a TiAlNi-
coated blade, black handle and blackened handle-screws.

There are no pictures of these knives on the site, but they should be up soon. I'll try to get my hands on the H&K folder as soon as it hits the shops.

Take care,
Tobse !
Will these knives come across the pond to America?? Or I have to order directly from Germany?? Any info greatly appriciated!!
Thank's for the link Kurdy. I like the look's of them, but I am more interested in the X-15 Morinox steel used for the blade's. Seem's to compare to M-2, but more rust resistant, at least by their comparison's to other steel's.

"War to the knife and knife to the hilt"