The Long Kiss Goodnight

Jan 21, 1999
I would love to find the knife Gene Davis had in the movie. Does anyone know what kind it is? Where I could buy one? Is it legal for a chick to have such a dangerous looking blade? Any help would be appreciated. I've asked my local contacts here if they've seen this knife before but no one seems to know. Any replys would be appreciated.


I believe the knife was custom made for the film, rather than a production blade. There are plenty of long single-edged ring guard knives out there, though; United's "Marine Combat 20-something" is a futuristic fantasy knife that's basically a Ka-Bar style bowie blade (partially serrated at the base) with a ring guard and pommel cast from the same equipment as United's Terminator 2 dagger. I know I've seen at least one other knife with a long, triangular single-edged blade and a ring guard -- it might have been in the Edge Company Catalog.


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Atlanta Cutlery has that knife. I think it was made by United(?).Looks cool, but I like
Randall knives for fixed blades.