The Mantis has arrived

Jan 7, 1999
I have just recieved Mantis #7 . It is a
lttle thicker than the rest of them a
shade over 5/32 with a cutting surface
of 3.5 in. The workmanship is
outstanding. Mine has black linen
Micartia handles. I really have not had
a chance to cut much with it yet I will
let you all know how it cuts at a later
date. Now for the good stuff the carry
system it can be carried seven ways to
Sunday. Around the neck , on the belt,
In the waistband, and in a micro
shoulder rig of Alan Folt's own design.
The Kydex really seems to retain the
knife juat until you need it and then
realeases it without a hitch. I truly
like this knife it has been carried
everyday since the mailman put it in the
box including at work. That right there
should tell you how easy it hides
because I work at the Charlotte airport
and they don't like kinves in most areas
there. You all stay tuned for more news
on this knife. I do think that he may
have a few left from the first set of
25. Mr Alan Folts can be reached at or by telephone at 252-353-8140

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Thanks Dead, Im glad you like it.

I am looking forward to hearing from anybody who has received one, good or bad.

I want to make the best knife possible and I cant do that without hearing what people like and dislike about the knives they buy from me. Thats whats so great about the forums, I can get feedback and suggestions as well as helping others with things that I have already had to work through...

Again anything any of you wish to offer criticism in any way is good..

Thanks, Alan...
I got mine yesterday it is 2 of 25. I was the first to order one.

Mine has Red Micartia handles. I really like the way it fits in the hand, And like DeadinNC says the workmanship is outstanding.

And on the sheath heck I haven't even figured how to use to all yet

I really like it a lot very beautiful knife in both look and feel.

The only thing I would have liked diff. is a littler thinner at the edge.

But I like mine very thin most people would like it this way better.

Here is a pic of mine that Alan sent me the handle looks redder in person

-Greg Johnson

Oh cool! LOL
I got mine in green and black Micarta, now I want the red one too!
Finally figured out the harness system with the help of Alan AND Scott Evans, thanks guys. Going to see how well this one works at work tonight!
GREAT knife made better with such an excellent carry system! Thanks again Alan!

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

I'll be getting a Mantis from Alan soon too! can't wait, Carbon Fibre handles , oh yeah baby! I'll put a post up when I get it!