The Mink

May 15, 2000
I have three Parker-Frost knives in my collection. They are trappers,with red,green and brown pickbone handles each one is etched MINK with a picture of a mink. The master blade is stamped PARKER-FROST USA on the nail nick side and 1978-4 SCHRADE on the opposite side. What info can you give me on these knives?

Good Collecting !
For a short period of time Jim Parker and Jim Frost became partners. Do to whatever reasons ( which I will not go into ) this particular partner ship did not last. When they first went in together they contracted with Schrade and had some beautiful knives made. Schrade at this time was not making a lot of jigged bone knives. ( 74-78 ). However the series you are referring to were made with Green, red and brown jigged bone. Beautiful etching ( as you mentioned.) Dated on tang ( another nice idea. I never understood why some companies but tiny dots ect on knife tangs instead of just putting the year.) (It is either to confuse you or make you go blind). The knives were in the regular Schrade pattern line trappers, stockman, muskrat, ect. I believe the logo was an eagle. The concept and the knives were great. Then they, Parker and Frost switched over to having the knives contracted in Japan. Actually the first (Japanese) ones weren't to bad , at least in my opinion, However they were no where near the quality of the Schrade contracts. I hope this helps Lt.
Thank You for your reply. That was just the sort of information I was looking for.
These knives are truly first quality the fit and finish is first rate and the bone handles are beautiful. I agree with you about the dating of factory knives dots, x's and dots,Roman numerals why go to so much trouble when all you have to do is stamp the date.

Again thank you