The most amazing thing I did with my Knife.......

Oct 2, 1998
OK guys and gals time to brag! What was the most amazing thing you did with your knife this year that even impressed yourself!

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You must of just got in from a night on the town and are wide awake, that's why I'm makeing posts at this time of night! The most amazing thing I did this year was: I was duck hunting in Lake Okeechoebee and had a three pack of Hibben throwers on my hip. You guessed it, I dropped three ringnecks with three very fast throws on there approach in to my decoys. Yeah right, sorry I wish I was that talented, havn't done much more than open a few letters and boxes and occasionally have a knife drawing competition (from the hip of course) with my friends to see who could produce a blade the quickest. What can I say I have alot of time on my hands. I'm looking forward to hearing some real about yours?


Well, I need to confess this since this has been weighing on my conscience for some time and since it was unwitnessed I need to share this with my blade buddies:

I was fishing for silver salmon on lake Buskin here in Kodiak when I landed a whopper. Since I was on a float tube, reeling him in was harder than anticipated. I struggled to land him for over 15 minutes. In all of the action and getting dragged around in the lake, I lost one of my flippers and then unexpectantly my Kershaw fillet knife fell out of its sheath from my fishing vest.

Have any of you guys ever caught a fish on a float tube in the middle of a lake and dropped a very sharp peice of steel on a peice of rubber? I have and guess what? It can cause a puncture.

So here I am, sinking on this float tube in the middle of this lake and all I hear is this "hissssssssssing" sound. It was pathetic. I looked around the lake and noticed I was the only one there. I just resigned myself to go down with my float tube like any other man would do and sort of swam to shore with chest waders on.

That is the most amazing thing I did with a knife this year.

The Captain always goes down with his tube. At least I got my knife back.

Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska

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Well in a week or so it'll be a year since I stood down four lunatics bent on killing somebody, two with hammers. Seeing a big knife on belt with my hand on grip was...a factor, I'd say. I've told the story before, I don't mean to brag but Mike asked and it's the truth.

I'm afraid none of mine is too exciting. The most exciting thing is probably having my wife whack me (the blade to be exact) with an ASP while I was holding a fixed blade knife in saber grip. One hit close enough to nick me on the thumb. Let's just say I'm real glad she didn't miss.
As I set out to wrap a bunch of Christmas presents,I could not find the sharp scissors so I used my 440v spidy military to cut the
wrapping paper.Not on a cutting board mind
you but free hanging paper.It really worked
better then scissors and still shaved when
I finished.
Hal, yes I did land the coho. I had to shove my hand through its gills and I dragged him to shore, too. Just a few mild cuts.

I should have said this was the most amazingly-stupid thing I did.

This is a true story....

Back in 1990 I was working in a non profit organization taking care of big reptiles in a local zoo in my country...

On mondays the zoo is closed to feed the animals, then I decided to feed the giant green anacondas with pre-killed chickens...

After feeding 3 regular size (18ft) I went after the "big mama". A pregnant 26ft anaconda...

I throw the chicken next to her head and she didn't move. So I went close to her to remove the chicken and throw it again...


She strike and grab me by my left leg!

And she was half in water and pulling me into the water with all the coiling process that that includes for free!

In the middle of the madness, I pulled my "Marto-Brewer" survival knife and tried to cut her head off! (the knife was kind of dull)

At the first cut, amazinly she release me, but since I was panicking I was still trying to get her loose with the knife, resulting in self inflicted wounds to my leg... (I was wearing shorts)

The snake survived, gave birth, and the owner of the zoo gave me a little baby anaconda as a present...(2 days old, 2ft long and the little bastard bite me in the face!!, like mother like son)

The moral of the story:

v.1.0 Never left home without a "sharp" knife
v.1.1 Never play with a 26ft reptiles
v.1.2 Never go by yourself to feed big reptiles!

Joel Pirela
Graphic & Knife Designer

Hello all.
My most amazing story is quite placid as well.
I work in an office full of people who truly do not appreciate the value of a good knife. I always carry my BM Sentinel with me at work (You never know when an errant letter might decide to attack...) and use it for random light tasks.
One of my co-workers asked to borrow my knife to open a carton with and I gladly obliged. After using it she replied that it was "pretty sharp". I told her (in my best non-bragging way
) that it could shave hair. She didn't believe me so I shaved some hair off of my forearm just to prove it. She then asked what I was going to do when it went dull. I told her "sharpen it again".
She still doesn't believe that I can do it but I've decided against bringing my hones to work to prove it. (You can only go so far with a brag, you know.)
Nonetheless, the satisfaction I felt in knowing that I can keep my knife this sharp on my own is really neat.
Hope I didn't bore you too much with that one.


In the late '60's, I had the opportunity to work rubber boats off a diesel-electric submarine called the Tunny.
One dark night our black rubber boat lay alongside a bouy while we waited for a timed-event to pass.
The single Navy-type person in our group of Marines asked if he could see my KABAR.
I proudly handed him the butt of my honed and greased beauty, which he then used as a screwdriver, ruining the point.
I think he did it on purpose.
In those days, we called that kind of humor "ghouling".
It went along with asking someone if you could have his watch when he got killed.
So I told him to keep the knife.

(Actually, I think I kept the knife and threw it away when we returned to barracks, only wishing I had told him to keep it. I think my habit of keeping my tools and weapons separate in practice and in my mind may have started at that point.)

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Let me see, I've sharpened about 10 pencils a day, that's 50 a week, 500 a term, comes to 2000 for the year. I also cut up a heap of Yum Cha. OK so it's been a pretty quiet year


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Ok, here we go! As is often the case when i´ve made a mess with a knife it´s a bali-song involved... i was sitting practising finger twirls with right and left hand, i´m right handed so i was concentrating harder on my left hand to catch up my skills.
And that´s when i dropped the one in my right hand, no big deal really it happend quite often when i wasn´t as skilled (didn´t mean to brag!!) but this time there was the cord for my alarmclock in the way!! it nearly cut it off, i was awarded a great flash and a loud crash!! after changing my shorts;-) i checked the damage on the knife and found two shollow ridges in the edge coated with copper!! now i´m always checking for electrical cord before playing with my bali´s...
Have a great christmas and a happy new year!!
Yours, 2Sharp

Stay sharp, ride hard, watch six, Keeps ya´alive!!

I did the most amazing thing with my Axis this weekend, even more amazing than hammering my M2 AFCK through a car hood, and I wasn't even planning this test, it was a real life-and-death need!
Oops, but you'll have to wait until I post the review on Northwest Cutlery's site to read about it. I wouldn't want to ruin the fun ya know. And, yes, I went back and took pictures, which I suspect will be posted for proof of the event.


I've got a few, cut a box for mom in about less than a minute which surprised me when I didn't have to use as much pressure as w/ other knives.

I once left class enraged and subsequently I was paid back when part of my bag got hooked on the door and someone was pulling on the other side of the door.
Knelt, cut my out, stood up and told classmate "You saw nothing."

Inspired by Jim March, did draw and cut as fast as I could on hanging mens room paper.
Stab and cut made paper go back and were not my best effort.
On closer exam, both made scalpel precise cuts, making
me think about how sharp Delica, Calypso, Military, and MD Mirage series
really are.
This was 2 years ago…
At the request of a customer (who at that moment did not seem to impressed) I was demonstrating the quick draw properties of a sheath I had made for him. However, in my attempt to be quick, cool and tactical I fumbled and the knife slipped from my hand. It traveled across the room and stuck with a solid "thunk, twang" dead center of the elephant's head that was pictured on my wall calendar. The customer was wide-eyed as if in the presence of a master knife thrower. He asked if I would do it again and I calmly told him some other time as I had a lot of work to do. I handed him his knife and his sheath and he was happy.

Well it isn't really amazing, but until 2 hours ago we had a soft side water bed. One of the tubes apparently had been leaking for a while. I laid down to watch TV and was surprised at how uncomfortable the bed had suddenly become. The water had leaked into the foam rubber covering that covers the tubes. The thing was like a giant slab of whale blubber. I did have a good time cutting it into small pieces so that I could wring the water out. I'll try to remember what fun it was cutting it up over the next few days while we sleep on the floor. I also was demonstrating the lock test to a fellow worker today with my sometimes carry lockback. The lock failed and I watched the blade close on the side of my finger. Good sharp edge. Nice clean cut. It didn't bleed for 5 min. I did manage to make the best of the situation by bragging that the knife was so sharp, that the cut didn't hurt. ( I can honestly say it didn't hurt until hours later). Even though the lock failed, I can't blame the knife. I don't ever recall cutting myself when using a knife properly. It seems the only time I get cut is when I'm stupid or careless. Merry Christmas everybody! Safe holiday to all.
Armed only with my knives, I managed to interest my wife in knives sufficiently that, at her request, she now carries a Benchmade mini AFCK.

If anybody here knew my wife, you would find this amazing too!