The most uesful Multi tool

On sale for $20, the Gerber Multi-plier(not the Multi-lock) is probably the best buy for your buck.

On sale for $60, The Leatherman Wave is a giant step above, and a real tool to behold. Ok, I'm biased, because I own one and love it.

Check back a week(or so) and there is a huge thread incompassing the characteristics of various different multi-tools.

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My favorite is the Victorinox SwissTool; The individual tools and blades are very well machined and rounded; Unlike Leatherman tools which I have had enormous troubles with due to their shoddy design and low quality steel. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but when you get THREE SuperTools at different stores at different times, and ALL OF THEM have the same EXACT flaws and kinks, you get a little pissed. All three hard horrible lock failures which was the result or poor machine work. All three had broken serrations, and all three had pliers so soft that they actually bent and locked up when cutting copper wire... COPPER! I mean, the edges of the pliers were dented by the copper, causing them to warp and bend so as to prevent any sort of proper opening or closing of the tool.

The SwissTool is comfortable, all tools are available without opening up the device, which results in a very nice side feature: Flush handling surfaces when using the pliers, because the tools are on the inside. The entire MultiTool (save plier head) is made from Victorinox steel, which is absolutely gorgeous and functional against rust and other problems. The tool is big enough for large hands, and is quite hefty and VERY strong. The handles flex a few MMs when using the pliers under extreme conditions, and the head of the pliers is more or less a stout shape, not fit for needle-nose work. All in all, an excellent tool made from my second favorite cutlery company, Victorinox. Untl Benchmade comes out with a MultiTool that has an M2 plier head and ATS-34 blades, I would go with the SwissTool. Oh yeah, I have also seen them with a black coating at my local Victorinox store, I have yet to see it anywhere else though.


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I have said it before, but I'll say it again, ("Second only in greatness to the man who first utters a great sentence is the man who quotes him" (A. Lincoln), and if you quote yourself, then I guess that makes you rather great indeed.) "If all you have is a hammer, then everything starts to look like a nail."

If you carry a multi-tool (whatever make/model you want), every problem you run into will start to look like it can be solved with that specific tool. Man is a tool-using animal. You'll start to think of the world in terms of your tool.

For me, it's the classic Leatherman PST. I have a special relationship with my PST, though. See

Someday, I'm going to write a book, _Me and my PST_, about all the adventures my PST has gotten me into and all the trouble it's gotten me out of.

I whole-heartedly commend the Leatherman PST to you for daily carry. But, again, the real pleasure comes when you select any quality multi-tool and start carrying it every day. You'll find many new and unique ways to use it as you start to think of the world in terms of your multi-tool.

I'd have to say the LM Wave. All of them make compromises of some kind, and I think this one makes the fewest overall. Not perfect, but it's definitely a good one
I believe the Leatherman Wave is the best overall. Of course, being that nothing is really perfect in this world, there are a few flaws and kinks (which one doesn't?) but it's all a matter of choice.

I also love my PST, except for the handles, which tends to bite into your hand when you press down hard. I wonder if I can round them off with a file...

You need to check out Kershaw's Multi-tool. It is in a league all its own. It has "vice grip"-type locking jaws. This however comes with a trade off: The tool does not fold up to half length. It is fairly slim though, and if you don't mind carrying a sheath, you'll have the top of the line. Expensive around and you can find it for about 65 bucks. Can be as much as $120!
I have been looking at the Kershaw thinking it might have its uses,but for me right niw, nothing even comes close to my Wave. I mcan even open the pliers almost as fast as a Gerber now when I do it "butterfly style". Now I'll have to get one of the new bali-songs to learn how to use a real butterfly... Oh yeah.

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For me, the Victorinox SwissTool. I can see why some people like the Leatherman Wave better, though. Just depends on what you value more--robustness or agility; an awl or a pair of scissors; etc.

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